Perdita Weeks, the cast of Magnum PI season 5, is getting ready for work

Perdita Weeks, the cast of Magnum PI season 5, is getting ready for work ...

We know that magnum PIseason 5 is still in the works on NBC, but there are things that will happen in advance! From the moment you watch an episode, different things tend to happen at different times.

If you missed this week's announcement, we advised you that the writers are working on new scripts for the upcoming season. While we're certain that the production staff in Hawaii will spend the time before Labor Day preparing everything for filming. This includes finding locations, coordinating sets, or simply ensuring everything is in order for filming to go smoothly.

Perdita Weeks (Higgins) appears to be referring to another project in a joke way in a previous Instagram post, although we can see this as her preparation for what can be a physically demanding job. Higgins is a former MI6 agent, and we have seen her in a number of chase and/or action sequences.

Some of the work the cast may be doing to prepare for production may be minor, such as preparing their accommodations out in Hawaii for those who do not live there full-time. There are also wardrobe fittings, meetings, and just getting settled there. You have to get used to the change in time, especially since work can often take place early in the morning.

Remember that Magnum PIseason 5 is scheduled to premiere in 2023, and that we will update you on that in due time!

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