Season 2 of Squid Game: Does it live up to expectations?

Season 2 of Squid Game: Does it live up to expectations? ...

The premiere date for the Squid Gameseason 2 is expected to be in 2024, and this is understandable, as there is no evidence that the beloved Korean drama will return sooner than that. This is one of the timeframes that has been floated in the past.

Is it getting more likely that Gi-hun and the Front Man will return in 2023? There is at least hope, and that's more than we could have anticipated previously.

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If you missed it, earlier this week we noted through a story that the entire narrative for the new season is already being written out. We cant say that anything is quite at the script level yet, but there is a conceptual process as to what the season will be like and all of the key players. If filming can begin early next year, it might open the way for a November / December 2023 release.

We do want to caution that this is still a super-optimistic estimate, given that a show like Season 1 takes a good deal of time to shoot, compose, and edit together after the fact. However, they do not want to rush it, since it does increase the likelihood of a season 3. After all, it's always better to ensure the quality is there first!

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