Photo from Animal Kingdom season 6 episode 10: Can Pope survive?

Photo from Animal Kingdom season 6 episode 10: Can Pope survive? ...

This weekend is set to bringAnimal Kingdom Season 6 episode 10 to TNT, and with that, the Cody Boys will be placed in another near-impossible situation.

So what is going to happen to Pope Francis in particular? Lets just hope that the guy finds a way to survive.

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Shawn Hatosys' character from the next episode Clink is clearly visible in the above image, which is a pretty clear reminder of the situation that he is in. Following his confession, Pope is in jail, where we honestly believe on some level he wants to be. This is a guy who wants to forgive certain things for what he did in the past.

For a number of reasons, we doubt that his time in prison will be a pleasant one. For starters, hes going to be a distinguished man; someone in and around Oceanside may want him killed; or, they might try to recruit him some friends who might turn things upside down.

We feel that it's appropriate to assume that this season will go smoothly. Be prepared to see the story develop through the remaining episodes, and who knows how things will unfold or who will be caught in the crosshairs?