Why is there no Peter Jackson in The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power?

Why is there no Peter Jackson in The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power? ...

When you think a little bit about The Lord of the Rings, you always think about Peter Jackson. Without him, the world of the J.R.R. Tolkien epic would have never been shown on television, and he won a number of important awards, including Oscars for his work on the trilogy. All of this before we get to the Hobbit.

Away from all of this, one might reasonably assume that Jackson would be quite involved in the upcoming Amazon seriesThe Rings of Power, however, it turns out that he was not interested in any way. What is the explanation for this?

On theAwards Chatterpodcast, Jackson addressed what he originally said. The director noted that there were initially discussions:

I said, "We'll send them to you as soon as we get the first couple scripts," and I replied, "They'll send them to you." The scripts never showed up, which is fine. No complaints whatsoever.

Why did he get ghosted on the project? It was not out of some personal flaw. As it turns out, much of it had to do with legal concerns. Here is what Amazon had to say in a statement about the issue:

We were required to keep the series separate and separate from the films when we pursued the rights for our show. We have the greatest respect for Peter Jackson andThe Lord of the Ringsfilms and are ecstatic that he is looking forward to seeingThe Rings of Power.

It appears that some top-down staff were concerned that a connection to Jackson in any way might be a legal issue; because of that, he is not a member of the project. We just hope that the new series can live up to the standards set by Tolkien (Remember that the series' appendices and other material)

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