Pokemon: 18 Things You Should Know About Pokemon Insurgence

Pokemon: 18 Things You Should Know About Pokemon Insurgence ...

The Pokemon franchise has introduced a few experimental mechanics over the years, and has tried to reinvent itself time and time again. However, sometimes, fans take it upon themselves to tweak and improve the games they've grown up on by developing their own original, unique titles.

Pokemon Insurgence is a game that introduces players to an all-new adventure in the Torren Region. With new Pokemon variations, difficulty levels, and an online presence, Pokemon Insurgence takes the classic Pokemon experience and gives it a whole new life, including new mechanics, legendary Pokemon, and never-before-seen plotlines.

Jerrad Wyche's article originally published on August 5, 2022: Pokemon fever can feel like a year-long event as the series continues to release new games and trading card sets month after month. Many enthusiasts are looking to find ways to delay the release of new games until they are released. Fan-made games like Pokemon Insurgence that receive timely updates can do the job in this regard.

18 The Rivals

When it comes to Pokemon Insurgence, players will face off against two adversaries named Damian and Nora. At the beginning of the game, Damian is revealed to be the player's best friend.

Nora, on the other hand, is a true adversary, and she often mirrors the player's journey through Torren's northern region. She is also the one who explains the concept of Pixie Pokemon to the player character, one of the many interesting additions in Pokemon Insurgence.

17 Mystery Gift Pokemon

The ability to receive Pokemon presents via the Mystery Gift feature in Pokemon games may require an internet connection. It turns out though that it doesn't always require a Nintendo console. At least not for those who are playing Pokemon Insurgence.

Players who want to receive additional items and Pokemon need only go to Pokemon Insurgence's wiki page and go to the Mystery Gift page. There, they'll find a list of all previous gifts and a breakdown of each gifted Pokemon's details. The most recent gift was a Shiny Togepi in recognition of Pride Month in July of 2022.

16 Kanto Starters Reimagined

When players begin Pokemon Insurgence, they'll be thrilled to discover that the three original starting Pokemon from Pokemon Red and Blue are the starter Pokemon in this fan-made project. There is however one major change that may take some getting used to.

Delta Bulbasaur's evolutionary line is a Fairy and Psychic dual-type, Delta Charmander becomes a Ghost and Dragon dual-type, and Delta Squirtle's water tactics are traded for Dark and Fighting-types.

15 Cults

Players in other Pokemon games are often asked to deal with odd groups of people who view Pokemon in a certain light. In Pokemon Insurgence, there are cults that worship legendary creatures and will do whatever it takes to get what they want.

Insurgence isn't afraid to have a narrative that involves violence and deaths, something that cults in the game are capable of executing. They often sacrifice humans in an effort to summon the legendary Pokemon they worship.

14 A New Held Type: Armors

In Pokemon Insurgence, there are a slew of new and intriguing gameplay mechanics. One of the most curious (and often overlooked) is the ability to purchase, find, or equip special "armors" for a given Pokemon. These armors are used as held items and usually increase the user's defense and special defense by a great deal, giving them a special "armored form."

Once the correct armor is held by the correct user, it cannot be "knocked away" as a traditional item would, and it even protects against Switcheroo and Knock Off maneuvers. Currently, armor is available for Tyranitar, Leavanny, Flygon, Zekrom, Delta Volcarona, and Mewtwo.

13 Use HMs As Items, Not Moves

HMs are one of the most frustrating things about the original Pokemon releases. These special moves had to be taught to Pokemon in order to overcome certain obstacles within the game, which were used to keep players away from certain areas before they were ready.

Later Pokemon versions eliminated HMs as a progression requirement, allowing players to use only the moves when required. Pokemon Insurgence has an HM system but, thanks to its excellent nature, allows players to teach HM moves directly.

12 Online Trading System

In the Pokemon franchise, trading used to be a given chore. Players who wanted to trade their Pokemon online would have to physically reside in the same area until Generation 6, and the latest iterations make trading a breeze.

Pokemon Insurgence recognized the need for players to also trade online, by including full support for it within the game. With specialized Delta Pokemon and new Mega Evolutions, it's even more beneficial to trade with friends and other players.

11 An Extensive Endgame

The Pokemon franchise has always been a fan favorite part of the endgame. From the first time that players ever saw Mewtwo to hunting down all of the Ultra Beasts, there have been some pretty spectacular moments at the end of their games.

Pokemon Insurgence wants to continue this tradition by offering a large amount of post-game content, including 13 new quests that will challenge players. Some of these quests are recommended for Pokemon that are level 95 to 100 minimum.

10 A Whole New Region

The Torren Region is now home to the Elite Four, which centers their teams around certain moves, like Baton Pass, Sandstorm, Hail, and Trick Room.

The game will take you to their hometown of Telnor Town, where you meet Professor Sylvan and one of their opponents, Damian. Their other opponent, Nora, is introduced later in the game.

9 Character Customization Is Back

Pokemon Insurgence, a well-known game introduced in Generation VI, allows players to personalize their avatars. At the start of the game, players are asked to choose three avatars with different hair colors and complexions.

The game does, however, maintain the "boy" or "girl" gendered options. Later, as the player progresses, they may change their clothes and hair. These may be changed at Pokemon Centers in any of the city's larger areas.

8 Darker Themes And Plots

Pokemon Insurgence has heavier themes and allows players to select a Lighter or Darker mode, while Darker includes all deaths, harsher language, and a non-censored narrative.

The player awakes at the Cult of Darkrai base to set the tone for the game. Cults play a key role in the game, each worshipping a different Legendary Pokemon. With violence, human sacrifices, and questionable morals, their presence in the game departs from the comics seen in other games.

7 Delta Pokemon

Delta Pokemon are not common to the fangame. Their shape and appearance differ from their original counterparts. The purpose of scientifically altering them to make them "perfect." Delta Pokemon have their own shiny variations as well.

Three Delta Pokemon are available as starters, as well as a regular Eevee: Delta Bulbasaur (Fairy/Psychic), Delta Charmander (Ghost/Dragon), and Delta Squirtle (Dark/Fighting). There are almost 200 Delta Pokemon available throughout the game.

6 New Mega Evolutions

Mega Evolutions are included in Pokemon Insurgence as well, which is a popular Pokemon franchise feature. Players are restricted to Mega Evolving their Pokemon on the basis that they have the Pokemon's respective Mega Stone, and it can only Mega Evolve once per battle.

Pokemon Insurgence includes all existing Mega Evolutions, but there are additional Megas for some well-deserving fan favorites. This includes Flygon, the Generation II starters, Milotic, Froslass, and even a few Delta Pokemon.

5 Unique Pokemon Moves

In this game, a total of 26 new moves are introduced, including Crystal Rush, which is exclusive to Delta Metagross (Ruin).

Custom Move is a unique feature that is available to all Pokemon, which may have its name and type altered by the player. There are a total of 130 TMs for the player to collect, including new and returning moves.

4 Your Favorites Are Still Available

Fans of Pokemon Insurgence who wish to embark on a new Pokemon adventure with their favorite partners are in luck. With the addition of Delta Pokemon and new forms, the Torren Pokedex goes all the way up to 925.

The online options of Pokemon Insurgence allow you to trade and interact with friends. Alternately, an NPC (referred to as the Witchdoctor) will enable these Pokemon to develop. The drawback of this technique is that their friendliness diminishes when they grow.

3 Different Challenge Modes

Variable custom challenge modes, popular among Pokemon enthusiasts, included them as selectable options, making the rules more clear. Examples include Nuzlocke, which requires players to deposit any fainted Pokemon until the play runs out of usable ones, and Randomized, which randomly assigns all Pokemon (trainer-owned and wild), gifts, NPC-given items, and items found on the ground.

Egg Challenge, Solo Run, Mystery Challenge, Non-Technical Challenge, PP Challenge, Bravery Challenge, Wonder Challenge, and Ironman Challenge are some of the games that can be combined with one another.

2 Secret Base Features

inPokemon Insurgence, players may create their own Secret Base that they can spend time customizing and upgrading. They may choose from many base themes, from Evil Base and Forest to Frost Castle and Mossy Ruins.

Players can fill their Secret Base in Pokemon Insurgence with useful NPCs, such as a Daycare Agent (who has access to Metchi Town's daycare and can bring the player their eggs), a Nurse, and a Move Deleter.

1 Difficulty Levels

Fans have often complained that Pokemon games are too easy. As such, Pokemon Insurgence offers three different difficulties to best suit a player's desired gameplay experience: Easy, Normal, and Hard.

Easy and Hard are set in relation to the average Pokemon game, with Normal as the default, while in Hard, the player has level limits that cannot be exceeded for big battles, and enemy Pokemon have increased levels.