The Top 7 Most Iconic Anime Nurses

The Top 7 Most Iconic Anime Nurses ...

None of these nurses are typical regular helpful healers, because nothing sets a story up better than a twisted sister! However, these following anime nurses have left a lasting impression on many viewers.

Sadly, it appears that the common anime style is to have the nurse character in a supporting role, as none of these ladies maintain their prominence for very long. Regardless of their demoted status, all of these medical attendants not only add a strong waifu factor with their presence, but also have an influence on their relevant narratives as a whole.

7 Nasa Houston: Orbital Children

Nasa Houston may be categorized as a minor supporting character, without much influence on the running of the short sci-fi series; nevertheless, a person is often more than meets the eye. Toya Sagami and Konoha Nanase, two ailing space children incapable of returning to Earth with the rest of humanity, are two of the most common problems encountered in a sci-fi series.

Nasa's as a medical professional is unlikely to suggest that she is the superstitious type. However, she does have an astonishing degree of insight into the mysterious prophecy of Seven, even going so far as to quote straight from the poem's passages. She ultimately fails to impress the children (who moments before trusted Nasa with their lives).

6 Eliza Faust: Shaman King

Eliza is one of the most famous Anime ghost nurses of all time, having spent most of her screen time as an apparition from the spirit realm in Shaman King. When Faust discovered a Necromantic flaw, Eliza was almost as afraid of losing her husband.

Eliza's bones are used as a vessel by Faust to reincarnate as a spirit warrior, which he keeps under his trenchcoat at all times. By utilizing his furiyoku, Faust can transform Eliza into a deadly, emotionless nurse warrior with appropriately adapted weaponry, known as Mephisto E.

5 Nori: Death Note

Noriko makes her debut in Death Note's episode 21 titled "Performance," where she basically plays Misa Amane's body double while she attempts to hide from the spotlight to go on an innocent date with Kyosuke Higuchi one evening.

Nori inadvertently alerts detective Kanzo Mogi to Misa's deception (who has ulterior motives of her own), and he later gets the Kira Task Force involved in an attempt to uncover Kira's true identity. During her brief appearance, she was the ideal catalyst for generating some fantastic drama.

4 Sister Ivry: Edens Zero

Sister Ivry, the harem of Shiki Granbell, has a large following, and is rated as the "best girl" on many viewers' lists of "best girl." However, Sister Ivry delivers her treatments with less sunshine-and-daisies than one might anticipate, with her signature S & M flair.

Sister Ivry, an openly sadistic nurse, is more interested in self-satisfaction than sympathy. She keeps her victims from the edge of death in order to provide herself with more torturous moments. Don't worry, she does provide a thick layer of sass along with her reparative treatments.

3 Aki Natsuki: Sword Art Online

Kirito owes the greatest gratitude to Aki Natsuki, who helped him recover after the Sword Art Online incident (of Season 1) and became a vital part of his safe return to the online gaming world. Natsuki provided constant supervision to Kirito on his physical health, as well as helping him deal with his mental state when he was forced to kill other players.

Nurse Natsuki may be a supporting character in Sword Art Online II, but her role is crucial to Kirito's ability to save the world once more. But don't be fooled, she is likely to be less knowledgeable about combat tactics than first impressions suggest.

2 Recovery Girl: My Hero Academia

Youthful Heroine: Recovery Girl, who may have been changed many moons ago, is one of the coolest, overpowered, ancient anime characters to bless viewers' screens! Not that it matters, but Chiyo Shuzenji has never been stopped from getting the job done as the official healer of U.A. High School in My Hero Academia.

Recovery Girl's ability does not directly heal the recipient as one might expect, as her power actually speeds up the person's own, natural healing abilities. Depending on the severity of the injury, a kiss from Recovery Girl may restore the recipient's strength (and may even kill the uninsured victim).

1 Nurse Joy: Pokemon

Nurse Joy is likely to be the first nurse to leave a lasting impression on anime fans (in the 90s at least!) Although most Nurse Joy's that viewers meet along the way are new, individual characters (cousins with an unbelievable resemblance), most Nurse Joy's are sweet, kind, and nurturing; the perfect conditions for a Pokemon healer!

Nurse Joy made her debut in the second ever Pokemon episode in 1997, and seven different voice actors have been responsible for giving the popular character life.