A Controversial PlayStation Survey Asks Gamers About NFTs

A Controversial PlayStation Survey Asks Gamers About NFTs ...

NFTs and the use of blockchain technology in video games continue to be a hot topic in the gaming industry. Many gamers believe NFTs would be beneficial to gameplay that is ruined by exploitative monetization and environmental concerns. PlayStation has previously issued a survey on NFTs that is already causing concern online.

Snorlax Ownz, a Twitter user, shared a screenshot from the PlayStation Quest they received, prompting them to choose which NFT/Digital Collectibles you would most be interested in purchasing: player favorites, esports players or teams, and EVO-branded NFTs.

PlayStation is considering selling NFTs as items, according to the survey question. This isn't the first official confirmation that the company will sell NFTs as services. Companies conduct research on products that don't appear on the market constantly.

Although some fans question whether the survey was conducted in error, PlayStation recently unveiled what it's calling PlayStation Stars, a loyalty program that can reward "digital collectibles."

Some believe the survey question was misunderstood when it was intended to refer to PlayStation Stars only. Others argue the survey underplays the nature of these digital collectibles as being in the process.

PlayStation isn't the only company considering whether or not NFTs would be appropriate for its business in the video game industry. According to Microsoft, the parent company of Mojang, it's not planning to sell blockchain-enabled games. The Epic Games Store has stated that it will not sell NFTs or related products.