A new app allows players to save their Wordle statistics

A new app allows players to save their Wordle statistics ...

Wordle, a free browser puzzle game, is still a smash hit, even months after its release. It was originally developed by an independent programmer, Josh Wardle, but has since been acquired by the New York Times. Despite the initial concerns from gamers, the game is still free to play with some minor modifications to the previous version.

One fan of Wordle released a new feature that allows players to keep their records regardless of which platform they are playing on, even if they play on a different device.

User wingfield (real name Evan Davis) posted this iOS app to the r/wordle subreddit, and it's linked to a new iOS app called Nerdle, not to be confused with the math-based Wordle clone Nerdle, which is also on the iOS App Store. According to the developer, this iOS app is a Safari extension that is used to obtain daily game data and store them within the app.

Davis explains that a NYT's app will only store the aggregate statistics between sessions and devices. There will be several additional features, including a history of previous Wordle games and a function that allows one to overwrite their own stats and guess distributions.

Photos from the storefront illustrate a number of the app's capabilities, such as how to import a player's raw data history, and the way it shows a player's previous decisions from previous games. Thankfully, the app also provides a helpful tutorial that will allow a player to find their stats and adjust their game statuses to their liking.

Wordle is now available on a PC or mobile device.