How to Get Cursemark of Death and What It's for in Elden Ring

How to Get Cursemark of Death and What It's for in Elden Ring ...

The Cursemark of Death is a very essential key item for Elden Ring players who want to get the Duskborn ending. It is also difficult to obtain because it requires going far into Ranni's questline. She will kill some very dangerous Elden Ring bosses and explore some of the more dangerous locations in the Lands Between.

The Cursemark of Death is on the top of the Divine Tower of Liurnia, which is east of the Artist's Shack. The tower will require an item, though, for it to reach the top. The player will need the Carian Inverted Statue, which is only available through Ranni's questline.

How to Get The Carian Inverted Statue

Renna's Rise is a short walk from Caria Manor in Liurnia, where the player must first pick up the questline. This will require defeating the boss, Royal Knight Loretta.

The Tarnished may begin her questline once Ranni's Rise is accessible. They may also elect to speak with Blaidd at Siofra River, or they may skip that section and go straight to Radahn (though some lore and character interactions will be missed).

What is not optional is to defeat and defeat Starscourge Radahn. Once that has been completed, a new area will be established in Limgrave. A crater will form west of Fort Haight that leads down to Nokron.

The Fingerslaying Blade will be found in a large chest north of the Night's Sacred Ground Site of Grace. Note that a lot of Mimic Tears will be patrolling this area.

Once the Fingerslaying Blade is obtained, give it back to Renna. She will then reward the Tarnished with the Carian Inverted Statue. Her quest is not yet finished, but with the Carian Royal Statue, the Cursemark of Death may be discovered and obtained.

What To Do With The Cursemark of Death

The Tarnished must climb the Divine Tower of Liurnia to obtain Ranni's discarded body, which will also be given the Cursemark of Death. This item is useless until the player completes Fia's questline.

The player will have to interact with Fia a number of times during Roundtable Hold and let her hug them eventually, such as, "May I ask a favor?"

Fia will give the player a Weathered Dagger and demand that it be returned to its owner the next time he visits the Roundtable Hold. Speak with her, and then she will leave the area.

The Tarnished will have to go to the Deeproot Depths beneath the Erdtree to meet Fia again. The player will have to defeat the two Valiant Gargoyles in the Siofra Aqueduct before riding a coffin.

Fia's champions will be defeated in successive battles of NPC invaders with a total of five enemies. Go to Fia and choose the option "No, I want to be held." While she embraces the Tarnished, she will say that he is seeking the Cursemark of Death, which might help her resurrect Godwyn.

Give Fia the Cursemark by embracing her once more. Extend her dialogue, and she will eventually fall asleep, and the player may interact with her to enter the Deathbed Dream.

The last boss of Fia's questline, Lichdragon Fortissax, will be defeated. Once it is defeated, the player can loot the Mending Rune of Death from Fia's body at the end of the game.

Elden Ring is now available on PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, as well as Xbox One and Series X|S.