PvP Tips and Tricks in Red Dead Online

PvP Tips and Tricks in Red Dead Online ...

For beginners as well as experienced outlaws, Red Dead Online PvP is both exciting and challenging. The Showdown Series on Red Dead Online allows players to participate in a series of gunfighting PvP events as a team or solo.

In the world of Red Dead Online, there are a wide range of players and play styles, yet there are still a good many tips and tricks that are universal for all outlaws. PvP is also a great way for players to perfect their gunfighting abilities, earn experience points, and top their satchels with gold bars.

Patrick Armstrong updates the Old West with a comprehensive PvP community on August 5, 2022. Some techniques have inevitably risen above others when it comes to keeping the player alive and killing their foes in the prairie.

14 Aim For The Head

Weak points and targeted strikes are a common gameplay trope. Sometimes a glowing purple ball in the center of a mech sends players back, telling players in no uncertain terms where to launch their missiles. In Red Dead Online, the target may not be so extreme, but it is nonetheless there.

The game's combat is fast and brutal, and part of the reason for this is the high level of damage caused by headshots. Some weapons do more damage than others, but a well-placed shot with any weapon is a fast path to victory. Trying to spray and pray will quickly make the player wish they'd focused on the many great missions in the series.

13 Dive For Cover

Given the busy nature of PvP in Red Dead Online, players will naturally seek for anything that will keep them alive for a few seconds longer so they may heal, recover, reload, or otherwise position themselves to claim victory against the other outlaws. Sometimes, however, the manner in which they go about it can mean the difference between life and death.

Diving is one of the best ways to avoid incoming bullets. Given the extreme lethality of certain weapons and of the games combat overall, a well-timed dodge can be the only thing standing in the way of a quick visit to the local cemetery. However, diving does leave the character prone on the ground for a moment before they rise back up, so it's important to be aware of his surroundings before falling.

12 Tackle

The most experienced players in Red Dead Onlines are likely to incorporate the best strategies into their playstyle as they strive to gain an edge over others by using whatever meta techniques are available to them.

An opponent who was lining up a shot can be knocked to the ground in an instant and forced to reset. Once the player has tackled their opponent, they have the option to either dismiss or subdue them in a match. If the player is quick on their feet, tackling can be a great strategy to halt another outlaw's plan.

11 Parley And Feud

To achieve this, Red Dead Online strives to provide players with the peace and security that knowing that they may be attacked at any time. It also offers the option to Feud or Parley, which has been locked in a lengthy conflict.

Feuding initiates a three-minute deathmatch, allowing players to blast away at one another uninhibited and decisively settle their score by kill count. Players who want a chance to resolve things peacefully may use Parley to disable combat and allow themselves a chance to strike a peaceful compromise in chat.

10 Ability Cards

Ability cards include Paint It Black, Slippery Bastard, Sharpshooter, and Come Back Stronger. tier 1, $350 for tier 2, and $500 for tier 3.

Outlaws use different abilities card slots, such as the Dead Eye slot, Passive slots, and Defense slots. It is vital that outlaws select ability cards that match their playstyle. The system can take a bit of learning to master, but it can make a significant difference when utilized correctly.

9 Bow And Arrow

When used by an experienced outlaw, the Bow and Arrow can be a deadly weapon. Most players overlook the abilities bestowed upon the Bow and Arrow. For example, the Bow and Arrow will earn outlaws a one-shot kill with a head shot against players who do not use tonics.

The bow and arrow also adds a layer of stealth and does not make any noise or leave smoke and tracer lines behind. However, the Bow and Arrow unlocks at Rank 10 and costs $124.00, so players may have to wait a while before they can begin hunting silently.

8 Change Settings

Outlaws who use default settings are at a disadvantage. In PvP, the Look and Aim Sensitivity should be increased, as should the Aim Look Acceleration. The Aim Look Dead Zone should also be reduced to 0.

Switching to Toggle To Run will allow players to press the run button once rather than having to press the run button continuously. These options give outlaws more mobility, smother transitions, and sharpen a player's vision.

7 Find A Buddy

New PvP players must stick close to a good teammate in team fights, since this will give an unexperienced outlaw a chance to learn how to maneuver the battlefield.

New outlaws have the ability to see what other players are doing in real-time, and how it works. Oftentimes, being close to your teammates can be the difference between a win or a humiliating defeat.

6 Good Sidearm

While fighting in Red Dead Online, sidearms are some of the most reliable weapons. If used properly, they can give an outlaws a competitive advantage and save their lives.

Outlaws should be cautious when selecting a pistol or revolver that fits their playstyle. The LeMate Revolver, the Navy Revolver, and the Mauser Pistol are three of the most popular PvP weapons.

5 Good Rifle

In Red Dead Online PvP, a good rifle cannot be dismissed. While PvP is fast-paced and rifles are not exactly known for speed, a rifle's stopping power should never be undervalued.

The Sharpshooter Ability card works equally well with high-powered rifles, allowing players to defeat outlaws with one shot. It's a must-have for anyone looking to improve their PvP performance in Red Dead Online.

4 Maximize Health Core

The most beneficial goal an outlaw can achieve is to maximize their Health Core early on. A outlaw's Health Core level affects the amount of damage a player can withstand, and most importantly, how quickly an outlaw recovers health.

Fishing is a very inexpensive and easy way for outlaws to increase their Health Core. A catch big fish will reward a player with up to 20 Health Core points per fish.

3 Specialty Ammo

In PvP, using the correct Specialty ammo gives the player the chance to rank up faster and gives beginners with less experience a competitive advantage. Outlaws earn 5 experience points for every kill and increases in damage, range, and accuracy.

Special ammunition should be used in an outlaws revolver or pistol, while express ammunition is the way to go for rifles and repeaters. Slugs loaded into a decent shotgun are effective in close-quarter combat.

2 Tonics

Tonics are the most efficient way to replenish cores and boost cores in Red Dead Online because of their fast-paced gameplay. No experienced outlaw is caught in the heat of a battle without first taking a powerful bitter.

Tonics can be quite costly and will quickly deplete the savings in a new outlaw's satchel. For this reason, it is recommended that players begin to prepare their own Tonics regularly.

1 Use Throwables

Outlaws often overlook the necessity to purchase and use throwables in PvP matches, although they are seldom used. A dyamante tossing a stick toward an opponent could quickly turn the tide of a close battle.

Molotovs allows players to create space in difficult situations, and throwing knives are ideal for outlaws who wish to stay hidden. They may be found on fallen NPCs in Free Roam.

Red Dead Online is now available on PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One.