The Best Spring Crops in Stardew Valley

The Best Spring Crops in Stardew Valley ...

Spring is the start of a new year and a fresh start in Stardew Valley. It's a time to recharge and begin afresh, planning the future. Mining, artisanal hobbies, and animals arent the only ways to reap the rewards of your labor. Players should dedicate farm space to their crops and harvest them to earn the most money.

There are ten distinct Spring crops to choose from, all of which have their own distinctive growth seasons and selling points. These are the finest plants to plant and harvest during the Spring in Stardew Valley!

10 Flowers (Jazz and Tulips)

These spring-time flowers will both make lovely additions to any farm, although they aren't the most profitable options. When purchased from Pierres, the seeds cost 20 and 30 gold, respectively. Both crops sell for around 30-100 gold each, making them extremely expensive to invest time and farm space.

tulips are great for boosting friendship levels with some people, and are usually enjoyed by Evelyn and most of the other residents. Only Clint, George, and Sebastian dislike the flowers.

9 Garlic

Garlic seeds may be purchased for 40 gold or 120 gold at highest quality, or both, for a quick money-making technique. These crops only take four days to develop and mature, ready for harvesting.

Garlic is also a staple in many dishes and can be used to make garlic oil. Players may consume this as a buff to keep insects and other hazards at bay during mining.

8 Parsnips

Parsnips are a Stardew Valley staple, and are inexpensive and simple to maintain, since they only take four days to develop. Players are guaranteed to make at least 10 gold net profit from these, therefore it is worthwhile dedicating a portion of land to these vital crops.

They are also essential for the preparation of meals like Farmers Lunch and Parsnip Soup, as well as satisfying bundles at the Community Center.

7 Kale

Kale is one of Stardew Valley's most profitable Spring crops, although it isn't everyone's first choice. Depending on the quality, the harvested fruit can be purchased for 70 gold at Pierres. The harvested fruit can be sold for anywhere from 110 to 220 gold, generating a total net profit of at least 40 gold!

6 Green Beans

Green beans seeds are available for 60 gold, which is a bit costly. However, one seed may produce a multi-harvest harvest that can be sold for anything between 40 and 80 gold.

The crop will regenerate more beans every three days following the initial growth rate of ten days. These are a fantastic investment crop!

5 Potatoes

Potatoes, being a root vegetable, are a reliable staple in both a player's diet and their farm. (Support local businesses!

Potatoes can be sold for as little as 80 gold or twice that at 160 gold if their quality is exceptional. They take six days to mature, making them a reliable income source.

4 Rhubarb

The Calico Desert is accessible by repairing the bus, either by filling out the Community Center Vault bundle or by completing the Joja Community Development form.

Rhubarb is fairly pricey, but it's worth it, as it can sell anything from 220 to 440 gold with high-quality harvests. So stock up and begin planting!

3 Cauliflower

Pierres sells Cauliflower seeds for 80 gold. These robust vegetables have one of the highest growth cycles at 12 days, so they must only be planted twice in Spring.

Though, they make up for it in profit, at 175 gold per pound, which is equivalent to a profit of at least 95 gold at normal quality. At the highest iridium quality, they are worth 350 gold. Having the Tiller profession will help with this, since all crops are worth 10% more.

2 Ancient Fruit

This unusual fruit isnt a spring-exclusive fruit; it can be grown in Spring, Summer, and Fall, and harvested each season until Winter. The selling price for these rare fruits ranges from 550 gold to a whopping 1,100 gold! Spring is the ideal time to plant any spare Ancient Seeds to reap the rewards.

Ancient Seeds are extremely rare to obtain. The most common method is by donating the first discovered Ancient Seed artifact to Gunther in the Museum. Gunther then gives players a crafting recipe to transform the artifacts into seeds, and one packet of Ancient seeds as a kickstarter.

A packet of Ancient Seeds is also sometimes rarely sold by the Traveling Cart.

1 Strawberries

Strawberry seeds are typically purchased at the Spring Egg festival for 100 gold. Players should stock up on these seeds and keep them until the next spring season, depending on the quality. Once harvested, they can be sold for anywhere from 120 to 240 gold.

Strawberry regrows every four days, making them one of Stardew Valley's most popular money-makers during the spring season! They are also an excellent present for locals; who doesn't like a juicy strawberry?

Stardew Valley is now available for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One.