Tales of Tribute Patron Guide in Elder Scrolls Online: Sorcerer-King Orgnum

Tales of Tribute Patron Guide in Elder Scrolls Online: Sorcerer-King Orgnum ...

The High Isle Chapter for Elder Scrolls Online includes eight Patrons with unique abilities and cards to choose from. Cards are pooled together for both players, and as your personal deck grows, so do your strategies for defeating the opponent.

The Sorcerer-King Orgnum deck is one of the more difficult card games to earn in Elder Scrolls Online's new card game, but it's definitely worth considering. The deck is mainly about gaining power and prestige through waves of cards, and can be unlocked by defeating all five of the Tales of Tribute creators spread across Tamriel.

Sorcerer-King Orgnum: Patron Overview

  • Favored: Pay 3 Coin. For every 4 cards the player owns, Orgnum grants 1 Power. Additionally, Orgnum creates a Maormer Boarding Party card in the player's Cooldown deck.
  • Neutral: Pay 3 Coin. For every 6 cards the player owns, Orgnum grants 1 Power and Favored status.
  • Unfavored: Pay 3 Coin. Gain 2 Power and Neutral status.

In Elder Scrolls Online, the Sorcerer-King Orgnum deck is all about gaining Prestige directly, with a few Power cards and control cards included. There are only a few ways to generate Coin directly, so be sure to get one that has a lot of moneymaking potential, like Hlaalu.

Orgnum's Patron abilities are based on the number of cards in your deck, and when Favored, players also earn a Maormer Boarding Party card in their deck, increasing the amount of power gained from his Patron ability.

Best Cards and Combos In the Orgnum Deck

Name Action Type Play Effect Combos Coin Cost Upgraded From
Pyandonean War Fleet Contract Gain 2 Power 2: Gain 3 Power 3 Serpentplow Schooner
Sea Serpent Colossus Normal Gain 1 Prestige AND 1 Coin 2: Gain 2 Power 2 Ghostscale Sea Serpent
Serpentguard Rider Agent Gain 1 Power 2: Remove 2 cards from the Tavern 5 Storm Shark Wavecaller
Snakeskin Freebooter Agent Gain 1 Coin 2: Create 1 Maormer Boarding Party card in your Cooldown pile 6 N/A
Summerset Sacking Normal Gain 2 Prestige 2: Gain 1 Coin 2 Maormer Boarding Party

The Orgnum deck's advantages come from gaining Prestige directly or building a large number of cards to take full advantage of Orgnum's Patron ability. The Snakeskin Freebooter and Serpentguard Rider are two of the best Agents in the deck as they have no play effect, allowing for Tavern manipulation or additional cards to be added to the deck.

The Pyandonean War Fleet is one card that isn't worth the price without a Combo attached to it. The Sea Serpent Colossus is another card that's worth picking up for its price, as it has a double play effect of increasing Prestige and Coin - plus, it has a Combo for Power gain.

Strategies and Synergies With Other Patrons

Prestige and Power are both provided by Orgnum-centric decks, which can quickly build Prestige if they don't have to kill enemy Agents, as Prestige is converted to Prestige when unused.

The main difficulty in the deck is generating gold, so choose Hlaalu instead of Orgnum at the start, as there are many cards that allow players to take cards from the Tavern for free, increasing deck totals. Orgnum's Patron ability generates more power than the deck's.

High Isle is now available on PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Stadia, and Xbox One and Series X|S.