Xbox Unveils New Controller With a Unique Gimmick

Xbox Unveils New Controller With a Unique Gimmick ...

Xbox has been offering fans a wide array of unique controller variations. This includes colorful pride-themed controllers to bizarre furry controllers based on Sonic and Knuckles, which were initially overlooked by many gamers. Another gimmicky controller variation has been revealed as a cross-promotion with the release of a new song called "Bad Decisions."

Bad Decisions is a popular K-pop hit created by BTS, American record producer Benny Blanco, and Snoop Dog, surprisingly enough. The song is a flirty dance track that was released earlier this week, along with a unique feature: the ability for it to sing.

This is a modified Xbox controller that has the same color scheme as the Bad Decisions single, crimson red with white control sticks and a D-pad, while the buttons are standard black. The controller has a built-in speaker on the back, which will start playing when a player presses a certain button.

This is a sought-after item for BTS enthusiasts because it requires them to follow the Xbox Twitter account and then must QRT the original tweet, including the message #BadDecisionsSongXboxSweepstakes. This sweepstakes will run until August 25, which will close entries at 6 PM PST.

The tweet also mentions that players may receive a custom vehicle for their Forza Horizon 5 garage, which is likely to be inspired by this song and will have the same color scheme. Many K-Pop and Xbox enthusiasts shared their excitement about winning a piece of unique Xbox hardware linked to their favorite band.