Tony Dalton reveals how his better-than-name Saul character influenced Jack Duquesne on Hawkeye

Tony Dalton reveals how his better-than-name Saul character influenced Jack Duquesne on Hawkeye ...

The following article contains spoilers for Season 6 of Better Call Saul.

Tony Daltons' talent for voicing villains is beyond debate after a more than adequate defeat in Better Call Saul; however, after four years as a cold-hearted drug magnate, it goes without saying that his days as Lalo Salamanca influenced his roles in the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Hawkeye.

Dalton easily became one of the most popular and acclaimed actors in the Breaking Bad universe in 2018, when the Jimmy McGill spinoff was already reaching the end of its fourth season. Regardless of that, his success in the Breaking Bad series resulted in the portrayal of a certified villain by Dalton, who later became the actor who played Jack Duquesnes, who later became the Swordman.

In a new interview for Discussing Film, the actor addresses the issue by saying that four years as a hitman [...] does not help to have a good image of your characters, so getting to use his comedic talents for Hawkeye was quite the treat, because it's nice to be the good guy for a change while also revealing that Lalo and Jack are completely different characters.

As a result, the authors held their cards close to their chest as the series took its time to reveal its true antagonist, Vincent DOnofrios Kingpin, practically waiting until the end to bring back Daredevils' nemesis. However, in the end, he proved to be a powerful partner just like in Marvel Comics.

Harrison Ford is another example of an actor who has traditionally starred in good guy roles, but who gets to exhibit a completely different side of him in What Lies Beneath. Even if the Swordsmans great anime is cleared in Hawkeye, Duquesne has a lot of the same charm Lalo has in Better Call Saul, only without the murderous scenes that usually occur when the Salamancas are around.

When Gus Fring shot Dalton down, his fate lay in the balance, though Dalton's performances should see him reprise similar sought-after roles in the near future. Whether Hailee Steinfeld will reprise her role in Echo, Daredevil: Born Again, the Thunderbolts, or a Young Avengers project, Marvel Studios still has a lot of work to do.