The 5 Best New Furnishings in Elder Scrolls Online High Isle (And How To Get Them)

The 5 Best New Furnishings in Elder Scrolls Online High Isle (And How To Get Them) ...

The Elder Scrolls Online High Isle Chapter takes players to the distant and barely-heard-of Systres Archipelago to explore a Breton-centric civilization and its European-inspired setting. Not all furnishings are created equally, though, and some of these new High Isle furnishings stand out more than others.

Furnishings like the High Isle Crab or the Blue Fang Shark Look look like they could have been fished up from Gonfalon Bay, while the Sea Elf Galleon Helm is the ideal focal point for a Naval or Oceanic-themed area in your player's house. Some items may only be purchased directly or created from rare recipes.

Gonfalon Colossus Painting, Wood

In the High Isle Chapter, there are a lot of new Paintings for players to collect, but none that are as iconic as the Gonfalon Colossus painting, which depicts the Gonfalon Colossus before its demise during the High Isle Chapter's events, and is large enough to fill up space on all but the largest of walls.

The Gonfalon Colossus Painting and Wood furnishing may either be purchased directly or included with a home. While in a Player Home, players may purchase the painting individually for 490 Crowns, but by purchasing the Highhallow Hold player home in its furnished condition the Painting is included with a variety of other High Isle decor.

High Isle Crab, Steamed

Steamed Crabs is a new Elder Scrolls Online accessory, although you may not be able to eat it. It is also available in a larger version called the High Isle Crab, Steamed Pile - more appropriate for the deck of a boat than a home in Tamriel.

The High Isle Crab, Steamed furnishing can be purchased from the Housing Editor store for 45 Crowns or crafted. First, learn the Provisioning recipe from Design: High Isle Crab, Steamed. Finally, gather 7 Decorative Wax, 3 Bervez Juice, and a Stendarr Stamp as supplies.

Blue Fang Shark, Mounted

Mounted furniture for the Blue Fang Shark is equally as wonderful as a cottage on the shoreline. There are many player homes that make this Blue Fang Shark look right at home mounted on the wall, but it's such an exceptional furnishing that it looks fantastic no matter where your player residence is located.

To get a Blue Fang Shark with Mounted furniture, go to the Crown Store. It can't be purchased for Crowns, though. Instead, players must spend 40 Crown Gems, earned by dismantling items from Crates, or 2000 Seals of Endeavor. Look for it under the Crown Crates section.

Sea Elf Galleon Helm

The Sea Elf Galleon Helm is an elaborate and stunning centerpiece. It appears to be a Galleon's former helm, or steering wheel, now decorated with skulls and tentacles that writhe through eye sockets and the spokes of the helm itself. It's beautiful to see, but it takes up a lot of space.

After completing the Lead, players may purchase the Sea Elf Galleon Helm from the Achievement Furnisher in Gonfalon Bay for a small 75,000 gold.

The New Tribute Trophies

  • Tribute Trophy, Orichalcum
  • Tribute Trophy, Ebony
  • Tribute Trophy, Quicksilver
  • Tribute Trophy, Voidsteel
  • Tribute Trophy, Rubedite

The new Tales of Tribute minigame includes a progression system for both competitive play and in the Roister's Club, which serves as the main group for all things Tales of Tribute Players earn different versions of the Tribute Trophy furnishing for each rank, although the furnishing is fairly minor overall.

The lowest-level version is awarded for attaining Orichalcum rank, the lowest rank in the Roister's Club. The highest version is awarded for attaining Rubedite rank, the highest Rank in the Roister's club. All of the new Tales of Tribute furnishings that can only be obtained as part of the daily quests or unique crafting recipes found in these reward coffers

The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle is now available on PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Stadia, and Xbox One and Series X|S.