Grand Theft Auto 3 Glitch Contorts NPCs and Makes Them Float

Grand Theft Auto 3 Glitch Contorts NPCs and Makes Them Float ...

Rockstar Games released Grand Theft Auto 3 back in 2001, but it was the first game in the franchise that really put the series on the map. In 2002, it was released, and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was released in 2004. Both games continued to build on the foundation established by GTA 3.

Grand Theft Auto 3 was initially released on PlayStation 2, but was later released on Xbox and PC in the famous Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy-Definitive Edition. This version, however, was badly received and poorly put-together, thus Rockstar having removed the GTA Trilogy from its PC storefronts.

A Reddit user with the name ElectronicaMode reported a peculiar glitch that they encountered in GTA 3 that may have been caused by a mod. Some of the game's communities are completely remastering Grand Theft Auto 3. The user appeared to believe that the Skin and Bones mod was responsible for incorrect installation or corruption.

Strange events like this continue to be noticed in the game to this day. One fan, for example, noticed an error on a Grand Theft Auto 3 street sign. In the Definitive Edition, there was also a bug where a car would grow bigger for some strange reason. However, the fans of the classic Rockstar game remain passionate about it.

Some gamers have gone even further by showing off what Grand Theft Auto 3 might have looked like in Unreal Engine 5 earlier this year. It all goes to demonstrate how many fans still enjoy the game despite it being released over 20 years ago. Hopefully, future versions will not suffer from such a problem.

Grand Theft Auto 3 is now available on Android, PC, and the original Xbox.