Lelouch's 10 Best Strategic Decisions in Code Geass

Lelouch's 10 Best Strategic Decisions in Code Geass ...

Lelouch Lamperouge is still considered one of the smartest anime characters to date. Following the assassination of his mother, which he suspects to have been orchestrated by a member of the Britannian Imperial Family, Lelouch embarks on a relentless path of vengeance toward the empire, vowing to discover who was to blame for his mother's death.

Lelouch has an ability called Geass, which allows him to command absolute obedience to anyone he desires as long as they look into his eyes. He is well-known throughout the story for his enormous intelligence and strategic acumen, constantly winning over his opponents despite having less firepower in many instances.

The Order of the Black Knights is constituted by ten acts.

Lelouch realizes that he will need an army of his own to fight the Britannian Empire at a point in the series. He sees an opportunity to enlarge his following when a renegade group of the Japan Liberation Front takes control of a hotel while holding its occupants hostage.

Lelouch manipulates the Britannian army to enable him to deal with the situation, quickly disposing of the terrorists and broadcasting his successes throughout Area 11, demonstrating his competence and urging Elevens everywhere to join his cause.

9 Recruiting Taizo Kirihara

The Black Knights, who were formed as a one-man organization whose objective was to overthrow a large empire, were unexpectedly in a state of financial turmoil. Lelouch sees an opportunity to transform the group's financial fortunes after receiving an invitation from the Kyoto House.

The Kyoto House acted as an extension of Britannia. However, behind the scenes, it assisted Japanese resistance groups throughout Area 11. Lelouch, despite his involvement with the group's leader Taizo Kirihara since he was a kid, chooses to reveal himself before him, bypassing the need for negotiations and obtaining a reliable source of financing.

8 Landslide at Narita

Lelouch leads the Black Knights to Narita, hoping to thrash out all that is left of the front, while sending the majority of their troops and some of their most promising generals to the battlefield.

The battle is set on steep terrain, with the front's headquarters located inside a mountain. Upon activation, the Black Knights are directed to place electrodes in specific areas around the mountain. The electrodes caused a massive slide, resulting in the death of a majority of the Britannian forces and giving the Black Knights the upper hand in the fight.

7 Collapsing the Babel Tower

Lelouch was thrown into the midst of combat shortly after recovering his memory following the failed Black Rebellion. In the Babel Tower, the Britannian army and the remaining members of the Black Knights face off.

Lelouch, who has only recently been reinstated as the leader of the Black Knights, begins to issue instructions to the present members. He tricked the enemy into believing they had occupied the tower's upper floors and covered all but one of the exits, then detonates a bomb that destroys the upper floors while taking care of the enemy troops stationed outside the entrance.

6 Lelouch Rescues the Black Knights

Gilbert GP Guilford challenges Zero to a duel and threatens to execute the prisoners if he doesn't appear at the execution ground in front of the Chinese Federation Consulate, an area not under Britannian jurisdiction that also holds the remaining members of the Order of the Black Knights.

The reason being that the duel will take place on movable terrain, Lelouch focuses his Geass on the worker who is in charge of running the platform. Soon after the fight begins, the platform on which the duel takes place begins to tilt. The worker then learns that the instruction given to the worker was to tip the platform in a manner that pushes Zero, along with everyone present, into the territory of the Consulate. With this single move, the Britannian army can no longer take action

5 Kidnapping the Tianzi

Lelouch infiltrates the wedding venue and kidnaps the Tianzi, making the Tianzi one of the most significant political figures in the Chinese Federation, though the true power and authority go to the High Eunuchs.

The High Eunuchs and a faction of the Britannian army kidnap the Tianzi at the Mausoleum of Eighty-Eight Emperors, allowing the Black Knights to enlist the help of the Black Knights. After deciding that relocating the Tianzi may be too difficult, the High Eunuchs accept their fate and distribute the footage throughout the Federation, inciting outrage and provoking Britannia to reconsider its involvement with them.

4 Zero Demands Exile

Nunnally declares her intention to reinstate Japan's Special Administrative Zone shortly after she was appointed Viceroy of Area 11, despite the Elevens' initial resistance to the idea. The Elevens initially rejected the suggestion, because Euphemia's brutal betrayal remains fresh in their memories. This leads Nunnally's entourage to contact Zero for assistance in bringing the Elevens on board.

Zero agrees to the condition that only he be expelled from Area 11, allowing him to depart from Britannia without committing any crimes, and they continue with the opening ceremony with over a million Elevens in attendance. At the end of the ceremony, Zero's exile is announced, and every Eleven present disguises themselves as Zero. This was Lelouch's intention to liberate all Elevens from the empire and allow them to establish themselves as Japanese citizens.

3 Order Against Euphemia

Though Lelouch's initial error resulted in the massacre of almost two hundred thousand Britannians on Euphemia's orders, his swift yet determined decision to kill the Princess afterwards served him well.

When he sees the amount of suffering he has caused, Lelouch publicly states that the massacre was planned from the start and orders the Black Knights to murder Euphemia. This decision protected his standing among his fellow soldiers and served as a starting point for what would become the largest rebellion against Britannia since its defeat.

2 Becoming the Emperor

One month after Lelouch's victory against Charles, he abandons his persona of Zero and decides to take the place of his father, who formerly occupied the throne of Britannia. After successfully infiltrating a gathering of Britannian royalty, Lelouch uses his Geass to make them acknowledge him as the new emperor of Britannia.

With him as the driving force, we enter a new era. His ultimate goal, however, is the Zero Requiem, a fact that makes this one of his most crucial actions in the narrative.

1 The Zero Requiem

Lelouch realized that the chain of hatred would never be broken with the way the world was structured thus far. Rebellions would continue, and conflicts would rage on for eternity. Thus, he decided to become the centre of all world hatred; the throne of the cruel Britannian Empire. He planned to have Suzaku, disguised as Zero, publicly kill his life in a staged assassination.

This would remove the chain of hatred and allow the world to concentrate on other, non-military matters, ushering in a new age of peace. Lelouch's final act in the story was to offer his sister and his friends a future worth living in.