In an American Red Cross commercial, Neve Campbell returns to her horror roots

In an American Red Cross commercial, Neve Campbell returns to her horror roots ...

The American Red Cross has issued an ad requesting that people donate blood, and Neve Campbell, best-known for playing Sidney Prescott in the popular Scream franchise, is a star in it.

"A Bloody Nightmare" jokes that people should donate blood rather than dying in horror films. The video explores the silly choices that characters in this genre make as they confront danger and plunge right into a killer's jail.

Neve Campbell is posing for a picture of a home at night, similar to many of the most famous horror film houses. She is standing next to the camera and asks, "Why am I running from the killer rather than grabbing something huge and sharp?"

Sidney does a great job of mentioning how stupidly stupidly stupidly bad horror movies she sees when she runs upstairs rather than out the front door, and her followers of the franchise will appreciate this sentence. From a couple going to a popular makeout spot on Friday the 13th at midnight, various actors discuss the silly ways that people "throw their blood."

Campbell appears onscreen again, stating that people need blood, whether they have cancer or are about to give birth, and then a man says that they might have donated blood instead of "dying in a predictable horror movie manner." Campbell then adds that while 50 percent of Americans love watching horror movies, only three percent donate blood, which is a "crap."

Neve Campbell decided not to return for Scream 6, citing that she was dissatisfied with the salary offer that she received. Most recently, Campbell starred as Maggie McPherson in the upcoming TV series Twisted Metal, which is currently being produced by IMDb.