Every Major, but Currently Unsolved, Mystery in Destiny 2

Every Major, but Currently Unsolved, Mystery in Destiny 2 ...

The story of Destiny 2 is lengthy, covering many key themes in the story's current timeline, as well as revealing an in-depth narrative that has spanned billions of years. Seasonal activities have further enhanced the story's expansion, allowing players to discover new and old places.

The Witch Queen has revealed that the Hive God Savathun has been reborn as a Guardian, and the possibilities for where the story may lead are endless. Guardians who have previously been devote to the Traveler may also encounter interesting opportunities if they are unconcerned about their benefactor.

Who or What is the Witness in Destiny 2

The most likely answers to follow are those related to the mysterious Witness, an entity linked to the Darkness. The Witch Queen expansion provided some vital information concerning the Witness and its involvement billions of years ago with Savathun, her sisters, and the creation of the Hive species. This information, although suspected by Savathun, reveals that the Witness manipulated the Hive Goddess through falsehoods that eventually led her and her sisters to embrace the Worm Gods and the Darkness to rob them of the Traveler.

The Witness' origins are still to be debated, since the Darkness has spoken on its own accord and claimed to be older than time. Despite its presence after The Witch Queen, the Witness appears prepared to enter the battle in the Sol System.

The Reason for the Exo Stranger's Time Loop

Beyond Light revealed that the Exo Stranger's identity was Elisabeth Bray, an extremely gifted spacecraft and weapons engineer during humanity's Golden Age. When Elisabeth's sister, Ana joined the Darkness, it led to the entity's triumph when the Collapse occurred. For some unknown reason, a time loop began with Elisabeth trapped in its clutches.

Elisabeth found herself revived during a celebration at the Last City whenever the Darkness triumphed or she died. Previously, she denied the Guardians from falling to the Darkness, thus denying the paracausal force a primary foothold required for success. The nature of this time loop has yet to be established.

Regardless, anyone or whatever is responsible wants Destiny 2's Darkness to be overthrown. Questions have arisen about whether what the Exo Stranger experiences is a time loop or her phasing into parallel realities. Guardians are crucial to Elisabeth's mythological status in the Tower. Whether or not they are parallel worlds or alternate timelines have yet to be fully answered.

Savathun's Role with the Traveler

Guardians travel through Savathun's throne world, attempting to discover how the Witch Queen bestowed Light on her when she died before it. This shocking twist sends shock waves throughout the Guardians, who are unprepared to comprehend why their champion would allow a being such as Savathun to become a Guardian.

Savathun's status is unknown, but her Ghost and Worm are still alive and may be attempting to save her. Savathun's Worm further revealed that during the Collapse, Savathun drove the Witness and the Darkness out of the Sol System to save the Traveler. However, her actions against her Worm and the emotions she's been experiencing since impersonating Osiris indicate that her arc still has a long way to go.

The God of War in Destiny 2

Oryx, Savathun, and Xivu Arath are three Hive Gods that have been integral to Destiny 2's legends since their beginnings on the planet Fundament billions of years ago. The Witch Queen expansion dealt heavily with Savathun and her use of the Light. While the forces of Xivu Arath have been seen in the Sol System and combated by the Guardians, the God of War has yet to appear.

Xivu Arath pursued her sister and sent her troops to prevent the exorcism when Savathun agreed to remove her Worm from the Awoken Queen, Mara Sov. Despite her attempts, her attempts were eventually dismissed and Savathun's Worm was exorcised. While the legend suggests Xivu Arath follows the Sword Logic of the Darkness and is following Savathun on the orders of another, the Witness's exact role is

Destiny 2 has no shortage of history and lore, with even more content planned for the future. Several important mysteries remain unresolved, but there is hope that their answers will be available soon. The Witness's role, the Exo Stranger's time loop, and Savathun's sister, Xivu Arath's, are just a few of the mysteries to be addressed.

Destiny 2 is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.