The Patron Guide for the Elder Scrolls Online: Red Eagle, King of the Reach

The Patron Guide for the Elder Scrolls Online: Red Eagle, King of the Reach ...

Red Eagle is one of the few names players may recognize in Elder Scrolls Online's new card game Tales of Tribute. His name is well-known among TES fans for his Skyrim quest and sword, and his deck is designed to reduce the fat from one's strategies.

Red Eagle, King of the Reach: Patron Overview

  • Favored: Pay 2 Power. Draw a card.
  • Neutral: Pay 2 Power. Draw a card and gain Favored status.
  • Unfavored: Pay 2 Power. Draw a card and gain Neutral status.

The Red Eagle deck in ESO has a very clear focus on reducing the amount of deck space that is used to make Combos and interactions much more frequent. The majority of cards in this deck have abilities that allow players either remove cards from the Tavern or destroy their own cards completely. This may seem counterintuitive, but being able to remove cards you don't want can make a Tales of Tribute deck extremely powerful.

At each level of the Favored status, players can draw a Card, and when the player is either Neutral or Unfavored, their status is lowered a tier. This simple interaction allows players to get more combos for their buck each turn.

Best Cards and Combos In the Red Eagle Deck

Name Action Type Play Effect Combos Coin Cost Upgraded From
Blood Sacrifice Contract Gain 3 Power and destroy 1 card in play or in your hand 2: Draw 1 Card 6 Bloody Offering
Hagraven Matron Agent Destroy 1 card in play or in your hand 2: Gain 3 Power 9 Hagraven
Imperial Plunder Contract Remove up to 2 cards from the Tavern 2: Gain 1 Coin 3 Imperial Spoils
Karth Man-Hunter Agent Gain 1 Power 2: Destroy 1 card in play or in your hand 5 N/A
Midnight Raid Normal Gain 3 Power 2: Gain 3 Power 4 N/A

The main advantage of using the Red Eagle deck is its ability to thin out your cards and let your primary Patron decks trigger Combos much more often. The Hagraven Matron and Karth Man-Hunter cards each allow players to destroy a card in play or in their hands in addition to generating Power, which can be used to draw Cards with the Patron ability and trigger even more Combos.

The Blood Sacrifice Contract card is one of the most versatile decks, as it creates three powers, destroys a card, and lets players draw a card - all with just a Combo 2. The Imperial Plunder card is much less expensive and allows players to manipulate the Tavern as well as gain up to six power on a turn when they play just one other Red Eagle card, and is worth picking up sooner rather than later.

Strategies and Synergies With Other Patrons

The main weakness of the Red Eagle deck is its main strength. Most cards have the effect of removing cards from play in one way or another, but eventually your deck will not have any more useless cards to dispose of. At this point, the Red Eagle cards become somewhat useless. It's a good idea to pick another Patron first and branch into Red Eagle later down the line.

Red Eagle works well with pretty much every other Patron, but especially well with Patrons who have a lot of card draw and high-end Combos. The Duke of Crows and the Rajhin and the Purring Liar decks are great examples of this, both with lots of card draw and ways to continue the Combos with card draw. When playing with the Red Eagle deck, take a few turns to see how your deck is performing.

The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle is now available on PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Stadia, and Xbox One and Series X|S.