The Prey post-credits scene moment makes you read between the lines

The Prey post-credits scene moment makes you read between the lines ...

Prey spoilers are included in this article.

When one of those aliens from above decides to go hunting on Comanche lands in the early 1800s, who knew the key to the Predator franchises' future was to always go back in time? It appears director Dan Trachtenberg did! This weekends Prey is the culmination of years of effort, and years of planning, from the filmmaker who wrested the Predator films away from their recent and failed franchise-building experiments in the future.

Amber Midthunders Naru is neither an Austrian Ubermensch nor a great warrior (yet) among her people. Rather, she is a young woman determined to prove herself to her older brother Taabe (Dakota Beavers). In the end, she defeats a Predator (Dane DiLiegro) all by herself.

She traps the invasive species that appears to be even more dangerous in a film that includes French fur trappers eager to kill Indigenous people in a mud pit, causing him to sink to his neck before shooting himself in the face. It's wonderful. It's also a nice reversal of how Schwarzeneggers Dutch hid from his own Predator in the original film.

Narus' story appears to be coming to an end, unlike the rest of her tribe, and returns home with the creatures head dripping glorious, neon green blood. Depending on who you turned off after the credits, you would think that this was the story's end; however, there is more to the story if you pay careful attention to the last credits.

The Prey Post-Credits Scene

The Prey post-credits scene is technically neither after the credits nor a whole scene. Rather, it is a cheeky and monumental sequence that teases a real scene of horror and bloodshed midway through the ending scrawl.

The movie you just saw is accompanied by one of those nice and expensive animated sequences that have become all the rage in recent years. Yet there's something cleverer and more mischievous at play.

Naru's victory over the Predator became a part of oral legend and oral tradition, including eventually on ledger paper. And as we approach the conclusion of its above-the-line credits for 20th Century Studios and Huluwe see the climactic moments of Preys story reenacted: Naru kills the Predator with the help of her mighty dog and returns his emerald-kissed head to her people who rejoice.

As ominous storm clouds rise from the heavens, several alien ships (at least three?) emerge in the sky, promising a continued invasion and multiple Predators.

This animated sequence clearly hints that the story isn't over. At most, weve reached an intermediate step before the real test comes when the Predators return to Comanche in force. What does next? It's unlikely that another film will do the job.

The good news is that the tale we just saw has apparently been passed down through generations, indicating that some of our most charming protagonists will survive. Yet, after seeing them massacre an entire French village worth of fur trappers earlier in the film, it's a dark note for Naru and her people.

Hopefully, audiences will respond as warmly to Prey as critics have, thus ensuring that we will know what happens when the invaders return.

Prey is now available on Hulu.