After an overdose, Emmerdale confirms Leyla Harding's destiny

After an overdose, Emmerdale confirms Leyla Harding's destiny ...

There are spoilers for Emmerdale.

Following her drug overdose, Emmerdale has revealed Leyla Harding's destiny. This week, Leyla's drug addiction has reached a point where she collapsed at home after taking cocaine.

The nurse mentioned that Leyla had recovered from a heart attack and would no longer need the breathing tube on Friday's (August 5) episode.

"I'm afraid we won't be able to assess any neurological damage until she's fully conscious," the nurse said.

Jacob was left debating how his mum might have been snubby about cocaine, but was surprised when Victoria admitted that Leyla had taken a droga a few weeks earlier.

Jacob sawthing as he ran out of the hall, saying, "She played us all."

When Cain encouraged him to "get his head around it," Liam was still hesitant to accept the notion that Leyla was actually addicted to cocaine.

Cain demanded that he do a "reality check" by looking at Take a Vow for further drogue evidence, which he did, and that's exactly what he discovered. Liam was shocked when Cain discovered the massive cocaine brick Leyla was concealing for Callum.

Cain cautioned that whatever your missus got herself involved in, she's in far more ways than she anticipated.

Cain agreed to split the medicine so Liam would not be concerned about it, then devised a strategy with Suzy to get even with dealer Callum.

Victoria had to announce that Leyla had had a heart attack because Jacob and Liam were nowhere to be found at this point in the hospital.

Victoria wrote to Liam to persuade him to go see Leyla, but she only intervened once more when she revealed that David had tried to get her help without consulting him.

"It's what the man thrives on," Liam said. "Any damsel in distress, he's there like a limpet."

Priya showed up at the hospital to encourage Jacob to put aside his feelings of betrayal in support of Leyla so she may recover.

"My guess is she'll be very lonely right now," Priya told him.

Jacob finally went to Leyla's bedside with tears in his eyes as she explained that the drugs were a "escape" from the unhappiness she'd been experiencing.

Leyla assumed Liam would be parking the car when Victoria returned, but soon learned that he would not be coming to visit her.

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