Bill Fellows of Coronation Street admits "surprise" as Stu Carpenter's secret is revealed

Bill Fellows of Coronation Street admits "surprise" as Stu Carpenter's secret is revealed ...

There are spoilers for Coronation Street.

Bill Fellows, who plays Stu Carpenter on Coronation Street, has opened up about his own "surprise" when learning about the secret of Stu Carpenter.

Friday's (August 5) double bill explained why Stu's long-lost daughter Bridget has wanted nothing to do with him, despite the fact that he has never "harmed" anyone.

Lucy, Stu's ex-wife, appeared on the cobbles in the latest episode with a warning for Stu to stay away from Bridget and then threatened him over the girl he "killed."

Yasmeen followed Lucy, where her boyfriend's ex-wife shared a horrific story about Stu confessing to an affair and killing a young waitress named Charlie Walter while Stu reeled over this threat.

As Stu has maintained that he was wrongly sentenced for 27 years over the crime, it's not entirely clear whether or not this is the truth. Yet, this blockbuster plot was still a challenge for cast member Bill Fellows to tackle.

"When [producer] Iain MacLeod] first explained the storyline, I thought it was a great storyline and I liked the twist," the actor said. "He told me that Stu had been in prison for 27 years which was a surprise, and he told me that Stu had an affair with a young waitress when he was married and had a kid at home, which was also a surprise!

"But that's why I consider Stu a flawed character," says the author, who loves this plot because she likes that Stu is flawed and that he has made mistakes.

Following this revelation, Stu will be arrested next week, but he remains determined to erase his identity for the time being.

Fellows said the first major goal is to encourage the people he loves and cares about to believe him: Yasmeen, Alya, and Zeedan. "Without giving the game away, there are loads of twists and turns in this storyline, it's not just that Stu needs to prove his innocence There are loads of components to this tale."

Fellows has kept one of the soap's most famous secrets for months, but the actor has revealed that he did not have any difficulty in protecting the bombshell.

"I just did not tell anyone," my sister said, who watches the film avidly and would not want me to spoil it for her. "I don't want to spoil it for people, and I know that some people like to know the spoilers sometimes, but, deep down, I believe that they want to be surprised, so I look at it from that perspective."

"It's been really interesting to read what everybody is saying online and their suspicions of Stu," he said, adding that no one has guessed why Stu was in prison and how long Stu had been in prison, which even today, when I say that it was 27 years, I think, "Wow, that is a lifetime."

Following Lucy's allegations, Fellows anticipates the audience's reaction to shift.

"I think that people will question whether Stu is lying," said the presenter, and I think viewers will be apologetic for Yasmeen, since yet again, she has encountered a guy who has caused her nothing but problems.

"It's really hard for Yasmeen, and I think a lot of people will think, 'Get rid of him!' And Stu is too much trouble, he is a nice guy, but he has caused nothing but havoc to the Nazirs, if I'm honest!

"I think a lot of people are interested in Yasmeen and want to be friends with her, and just as Yasmeen was beginning to learn this big secret comes out and she discovers that she is dealing with someone who has kept a key part of his life hidden from her."

Fellows predicted that Stu would be torn because they have grown fond of Stu but they also like Yasmeen. It's going to be tough for Stu to persuade people.

"Stu has been known for a long time, but I think people will start doubting him, and they will want to protect Yasmeen more than Stu. It's going to be really interesting, will the audience believe him or not? I believe him!"

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