The live feed of Big Brother, which lasted 24 hours, may not be returned for a new version

The live feed of Big Brother, which lasted 24 hours, may not be returned for a new version ...

Marcus Bentley, the narration from Big Brother, is warning viewers that one of the show's hallmarks may not be making a comeback on ITV2.

Back in the Channel 4, viewers could watch antics from the house on a short delay either online or on E4 to fill in some of the gaps that didn't make condensed highlights shows every night.

During the peak of the show, fans monitored live feeds (and we here at Digital Spy did our part by posting round-the-clock updates from the house back in the day).

As the show moved to Channel 5, there was a decrease in demand for live broadcasts over the years, and even though ITV2 has promised to bring back old parts, narrator Marcus Bentley does not see a reprise of this part.

"I've had a lot of discussions about it. It's so costly. I didn't particularly enjoy it because anything that was significant or controversial or whatever was always blocked out by bird noise," he told The Radio Times.

"But the reason for it being expensive is that you've got to have a lawyer and a producer on your side at all times."

For the reasons Marcus mentioned, Big Brother's feeds were dubbed 'live.' Even so, content would often be censored.

"It may come back a bit. Who knows? The fans would love it and the hardcore fans seem to absolutely insist on it, but I can imagine it not being granted."

Except for ITV2's announcement of public votes and live evictions in a brand-new house, there isn't much information on Big Brother at this stage. Neither Marcus nor Rylan Clark know for certain whether or not they will be part of the new Big Brother.

In 2023, Big Brother will air on ITV2.

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