After a surprise discovery, EastEnders' Phil Mitchell turns violent with Suki

After a surprise discovery, EastEnders' Phil Mitchell turns violent with Suki ...

EastEnders spoilers will be released soon.

Suki Panesar of EastEnders will be subjected to the wrath of Phil Mitchell next week as her actions amid Ben's demise return to haunt her.

Ben was left for dead earlier this week after discovering him struggling to breathe after an accidental drug overdose.

Phil and Ben will discuss what happened while at the hospital on Monday's episode, before realizing that Suki must have abandoned Ben in his inquisitiveness.

Ben's admission sparked further revelations about Suki's own involvement, and her children have all turned their back on her.

Suki is preoccupied with another challenging circumstance elsewhere as Ranveer continues to thrashed her. He insists that they may close the business deal if Suki sleeps with him.

Suki's situation becomes even worse as she tries unsuccessfully to negotiate a lower lease on the Minute Mart lease.

Sharon expresses her displeasure by inviting Suki for a drink, where Suki exploits Sharon's vulnerability to manipulate her.

Phil storms in and confronts Suki about leaving Ben for dead, making sure everyone can hear.

Phil lunges at Suki, but Kheerat manages to get him to stand up.

Suki is left feeling hopeless and after Eve's advice, agrees to meet Ranveer.

Suki orders Ranveer to sign a contract and declare out loud that he will give her the business in return for sleeping with him.

Suki's meeting with Ranveer does not go as planned, with fatal consequences, as previously revealed.

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