After an overdose on drugs, Emmerdale's Leyla and Liam will be on the rocks

After an overdose on drugs, Emmerdale's Leyla and Liam will be on the rocks ...

The Emmerdale spoilers will follow shortly.

In future Emmerdale scenes, Leyla and Liam's marriage will go down.

This week, Leyla's drug addiction reaches an end when she overdosed on cocaine and suffered a heart attack that nearly ended her life.

Liam has been hesitant to forgive Leyla so far because he feels she is actively dumping her life away when his own daughter Leanna was murdered.

Leyla had gone to work concealing drugs for dealer Callum, and he is sending a threat next week when she returns from the hospital.

Liam notices that Cain had given the drugs over to Leyla for him to dispose of. Liam's heart breaks when Leyla confesses how much she's become indestructible with the dealer.

Cain has decided to join forces with Suzy to get over the dealer once and for all. They have devised a strategy to confront Callum during a scheduled drug drop.

Suzy returns the entire cache of drugs, but she demands that Callum stay away from Leyla for ever! Liam is surprised to hear from Callum later that the problem with the missing drugs has been resolved.

While the couple is thankfully no longer in immediate danger, there is still much left unanswered about Leyla and Liam's past secrets.

Liam admits that he's deceived by Leyla's obsession with a briefcase of cocaine, leading him to flee. Leyla is still alone, still unsatisfied with herself.

Can Liam fully comprehend what Leyla is going through?

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