Season 4 filming of Sex Education has begun, according to the star

Season 4 filming of Sex Education has begun, according to the star ...

Asa Butterfield, who plays Otis Milburn on the program, has confirmed that season four of the popular Netflix program is now in production.

"Guess who's back?" posted a photo on Twitter of himself from outside of his trailer as he sipped something from a mug.

"Give us a hint," his co-star Alistair Petrie replied with another hint.

The rest of the cast can be seen in the background. Bristol Television and Film Services caravans for the rest of the cast

Guess who's back on

Sex Education has been harmed by reports that a group of cast members would leave the program for a variety of reasons. Bridgerton's Simone Ashley, Patricia Allison, Tanya Reynolds, and others have stated that they will not be returning to the popular Netflix show.

Tanya Reynolds talked about how season four of Sex Education might be the last episode of the program recently exclusively with Digital Spy.

"I think it's that when you're playing teenagers, and the whole thread of the show is in a particular environment, like a school," she said. "You have to age, you have to move on, and there is always a conclusion."

"It's not like Friends, for example, where it's just following these people as they grow up and in their lives, because this is in an institution."

While some of the cast may depart, there will still be some of Moordale Secondary School's most beloved pupils to remain.

Ncuti Gatwa was just confirmed to be returning as Eric, despite the fact that he would have to appear in the Doctor Who 60th anniversary in the coming months.

Netflix has Seasons 1 and 3 of Sex Education. Season 4 is now in the works.

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