For his 60th birthday, James Bond's Dr No will receive a Steelbook boxset

For his 60th birthday, James Bond's Dr No will receive a Steelbook boxset ...

For the 60th anniversary of Dr. No, the original James Bond film, there will be a brand new Steelbook.

This October, the 1962 film will commemorate this significant occasion, marking the debut of Sean Connery as 007 in the first of 25 (official) feature films.

Producers are ecstatic by announcing the Dr No 60th Anniversary Special Edition Steelbook, which is available to pre-order for 29.99 ahead of the October 3, 2022 release date.

This boxset includes a new booklet with lobby cards from the 1960s as well as a reproduction of the theatrical poster from the time, as well as a buildable toy version of the Dragon Tank used by SPECTRE agent Dr. No.

There will be featurettes taking Bond lovers to the original premiere of Dr No, as well as a retrospective on director Terence Young's restoration for this anniversary boxset.

In its early days, Young was one of the franchise's main creative drivers, having directed the Bond sequels From Russia with Love and Thunderball.

This boxset includes an audio commentary with Young as well as members of the cast and crew discussing their groundbreaking work before Bond became a film sensation.

Producers released a Steelbook box for the 25th James Bond film, No Time to Die, both with a mini-booklet, as well as the 4K version with the Being James Bond documentary.

Following Daniel Craig's Swansong as Bond, the franchise is in rebirth, with producer Barbara Broccoli telling Deadline that "nobody's in the running" to take over the role because her team is'reinventing' the character.

The next Bond film has no release date.