Season 2 of FBoy Island concludes with a game-changing twist Grade It!

Season 2 of FBoy Island concludes with a game-changing twist Grade It! ...

FBoy Island is a highly entertaining, deeply unserious program, which is why its so popular.

Down to the funny but borderline cringe chats (like Louise asking Benedict if he had a foot fetish after kissing her feet), emotional confessions and jaw-dropping twists, this season 2 finale was a perfect marriage of all of our pleasures. Would you expect anything less from an episode titled The Men Have No Idea?

After the Mansplain in which eliminated contestants discussed their thoughts about the remaining men during the penultimate episode, it was time for Mia, Tamaris, and Louise to make their final decisions.

Mia's choice between f-boys Danny and Peter boiled down to what she wanted and what she needed. And while Danny felt like the better choice because he checked all the correct boxes, she still longed for Peter (who she had been eyeing since Day One).

Tamaris must choose between Casey, who played as an f-boy but is now playing as a nice guy, and Niko, another nice guy who returned to the game in the penultimate episode after admitting that he still had feelings for her.

Louise was still deciding between nice guy Benedict, who lacks the spark she desires, and f-boy Mercedes, whom she shares a sensual attraction. The problem with choosing Mercedes is that she is at danger of him abandoning her and buying the $100K for himself.

Nikki Glaser shared a game-changing fact before all three locked in their final choices: there is a third option. Sure, they can dump both their men and take the prize money for themselves.

Here's how it all came together:

LOUISE | Louise chose Mercedes over Benedict. Fortunately for her, Mercedes decided to split the $100K rather than take it all for himself.

MIA | When it came to money, Mia couldnt resist Peter and chose him over Danny. Danny, who revealed that he would have split the money, was lied to repeatedly but walked out with his head held high. Peter, the self-proclaimed reformer, also chose to split the money.

Tamaris admitted that she came in as an f-girl, opting to dump both Casey and Niko and take the $100K for herself. Remember when she said she had a difficult time letting people in? Or admitted that she has gone through my f-girl phase before?

Both men were surprised by the revelation. Damn This is the worst. I'm sad, Niko said.

It's just a lot Just feel a little misled. Casey went on to say that he had to pay respect where it's due because she played the fk out of me.

Tamaris had no reservations about her decision, saying, "I'm sorry that I had to give up two wonderful guys because they are amazing," but I'm glad I chose myself at the end of the day because I've always had the best person.

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