Flula Borg Shows How To Get Javelin's "Supervillain Body" in 'The Suicide Squad'

Flula Borg Shows How To Get Javelin's "Supervillain Body" in 'The Suicide Squad' ...

It's hard to believe that James Gunn's The Suicide Squad was released. The film's main focus was on character driven narrative, humorous humor, and rambunctious action spectacle. Now, on the heels of the film's anniversary, Javelin, aka Flula Borg, has returned to teach viewers how to make the ideal supervillain body.

Borg took to Twitter to post his training video, which shows Javelin's incredible skill in just two steps. All you need to do to get Javelins body is hire a world renowned trainer and make Flula Borg do all the work. In the remainder of the video, Javelin torturing Borg and his various, let's say fragile, body parts in a number of humorous ways.

Borg is a funny actor in general, but his performance as the absurdly funny Bronze Age villain Javelin was one of the many highlights of The Suicide Squad. His flamboyant outfit, unique weapon, and likability with Harley Quinn made him an instant fan favorite. He died in the opening minutes, but his powerful weapon remained and ultimately defeated Starro the Conqueror.

This funny video was created to commemorate the one-year anniversary of Suicide Squad, but it's possible that Javelin may be returning to the role of Borg again in the future. Other undead DC villains like TDK and weasel survived that first battle on the beaches of Corto Maltese.

While we wait to see if Javelin will make a comeback to the DC Universe and what other projects Gunn has up his sleeves, you may also watch Borgs' hilarious training video down below. You may also stream The Suicide Squads anniversary on HBO Max now.