No, no! Who Are the Fake-Out Aliens?

No, no! Who Are the Fake-Out Aliens? ...

Editor's Note: The following article contains Nope spoilers. No one knew what the plot would be like heading to Nope. The trailer, as most do nowadays, seemed to give away too much information, implying that this would be Jordan Peele's alien invasion film. Many fans did not trust that statement, however.

If you have seen Nope, you will have no excuse to doubt the easy expectations. It's a lot more than your typical alien invasion film. As always with Peeles' films, there's a lot more going on. And that alien spaceship? Well, the biggest surprise was that it wasnt a vessel at all.

Peele keeps the audience in the dark with nothing but questions before the big reveal. His earlier work has been compared to Steven Spielberg and M. Night Shyamalan. Nope was intended to be Peeles' version of Signs, but perhaps with a message about race or classism added in.

Haywood Hollywood Horse Ranch trainers OJ (Daniel Kaluuya) and Emerald (Keke Palmer) return to a small Wild West theme park named Jupiters Claim, which has already sold a dozen horses to Ricky Park's father, Stephen Yeun, about a homicidal rampage on the set of a sitcom Ricky was a child actor in. He has been feeding his animals to an alien creature during his theme park's big show, the Star Lass

OJ and Emerald have gotten quick glimpses of something not of this earth in the clouds while back on the ranch. They install cameras around the property to catch the UFO, but OJ has a very close encounter with the object of their worries.

OJ hears strange sounds out in the barn that night. Then another and another. Theyre blurry and far away, but with their big alien heads and thick furry bodies, they're definitely not human.

OJ wants photographic evidence, but he is uneasy as the aliens get closer and closer. Then, as another alien peeks from behind a frightened and fallen OJ, the alien removes its head. It turns out to be a mask. The three aliens are a group of children dressed in costume. They laugh and warn OJ not to contradict Jupiter's assertion before fleeing.

The children are introduced later during the Star Lasso Experience, which leads the audience to assume they were Ricky's children. It must mean he sent them to scare OJ. Why? Did he not want him asking questions about his horses? Was he just trying to scare OJ off because he wanted to buy his ranch?

Jordan Peele's gift at recognizing our expectations, encouraging us to lean into them, fear what he shows, then turn the tables on us, isn't it? If you're wondering if this will be like Signs or many other similar films, Jordan Peele's answer is nope.