Matt Smith isn't content with Morbius Flopping: Were not rescuing lives

Matt Smith isn't content with Morbius Flopping: Were not rescuing lives ...

There is bound to be a flop for every successful film that Hollywood releases. Disappointing films are just a fact of the entertainment industry, and people who work on them quickly develop thick skins about the process. Sometimes a film fails so dramatically that it shocks even the most experienced industry veterans.

Morbius was the subject of this year's film.

When you consider the $1.9 billion-plus gross of Spider-Man: No Way Home in a pandemic situation, Sony seemed to mistake that mockery for genuine joy and released the film again. The second release was even less successful, grossing just under $163 million internationally on average.

Matt Smith, who played Morbius (Jared Leto) and his vampire brother Milo, isnt too concerned about it. He spoke to Rolling Stone UK recently about how he doesnt get too irritated by his films' results.

Smith stated that the film was thrown under the bus. But you just have to bear with it. What else do you want to do? At the end of the day, films aren't saving lives. For whatever reason, it was not successful.

It's good that Smith isnt worried about the reaction to Morbius, because critics werent particularly supportive of it: In her review of the film, IndieWires Kate Erbland said: "Michael has all the trappings of a bad guy this is the kind of guy who has a huge chamber of bats in the middle of his lab, both for decor and research, but by the time he gifts another origami animal to someone he loves, you'll