The WWE has just released a new Roman Reigns shirt that is all kinds of weird

The WWE has just released a new Roman Reigns shirt that is all kinds of weird ...

If one of WWE's legendary wrestlers claims something that the brand believes will catch on, the company may try to emulate something different with its Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, Roman Reigns. Unfortunately, they might have missed the point on iconic, and produced a product that is more wtf than anything else.

The WWE merchandise team came up with the following shirt for $27.99, which is available in mens sizes.

Acknowledge Me is a popular catchphrase for Roman Reigns, but Im not too sure that Acknowledge Your Daddy will be quite as big for him in the long run. There's also a second shirt similar to the one which also went up as well, which is available in women's sizes for the same price as the men's shirt:

Tribal Chief Is My Daddy caught me off guard by putting a thousand things on a WWE t-shirt that wouldn't surprise me. At this time, there aren't any childrens sizes available that have a third phrase, but who knows if these sell like hotcakes.

These Roman Reigns shirts are more than a bit strange, and perhaps a misguided attempt to jump on a popular recent moment without neglecting to let the idea marinate for a while. This is a shirt that might have worked for legendary Attitude Era superstar Val Venis, but not something suitable for WWEs Head of the Table.

The new WWE head of creative Triple H is praised by many for his apparent decision to recreate Becky Lynch as a babyface, but I'd caution that he should also take some lumps for this one, regardless of whether or not he had anything to do with it.

I might be surprised if the WWE has had success selling weird goods. Alexa Bliss revealed that her creepy doll Lilly was often sold out, and that most of his characters were horrifying and weird. The Roman Reigns daddy shirts arent quite as bizarre in the same way as those things, but there is a chance they will be sold.

The wait for the WWE's upcoming event Clash at the Castle is over, which anyone who has a Peacock premium subscription will be able to watch on Sunday, September 4th.