The Ending of Bullet Train: Brad Pitt's Ladybug and The Other Assassins Ended Up On The Train

The Ending of Bullet Train: Brad Pitt's Ladybug and The Other Assassins Ended Up On The Train ...

SPOILER WARNING: Bullet Train is spoiler story in this article. If you haven't seen it yet, continue at your own risk!

Bullet Trains' final scene is thrown around very quickly, so weve compiled this useful little guide to distill what happens, answer a big question, and analyze how everything impacts the film on the whole.

What Happens At The End Of Bullet Train

Everything in Bullet Train is designed to lead up to the arrival of the White Death (Michael Shannon) in Kyoto, and his first confrontation is with The Prince (Joey King), who is revealed to be his daughter. After the failure of her original plan, she attempts to execute her attempt to kill him with her rigged rifle, first by feigning her inability to shoot him. She asks that he take her weapon away from her and kill her with it, as he does with all of

Why Are All Of The Assassins On The Bullet Train?

Although the Prince was not part of the White Deaths plan, he admits that he orchestrated the arrival of all of the other protagonists on board in an effort to slay one another in a massive plot. While he hands the briefcase filled with ransom money and The Princes planted explosives off to his henchman, the violent crime boss blames all of the main characters for their role in the death of his wife.

Lemon (Brian Tyree Henry) and Tangerine (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) were specifically hired to save the White Deaths son (Logan Lerman), and the White Death had to deal with the situation rather than be with his wife the night she died. Because she had murdered the crime boss wife, the Hornet (Zazie Beetz) was later hired to kill the White Deaths son while he was in Lemon and Tangerines custody.

The White Death informed The Wolf that the assassin who murdered his entire wedding party would be on the bullet train; what the puppet master did not anticipate was Ladybug (Brad Pitt) being also there for another job. Ladybug has previously shot Lemon.

Why is Ladybug on the train? Two words: bad luck. The hired gun who was tasked with defying an existential crisis was only permitted to steal the briefcase from Lemon and Tangerine when another criminal named Carver was called out sick. It's revealed that Carver was the driver of the automobile that hit and killed The White Deaths wife, and was really supposed to be the main focus of the entire plot.

Everything Goes Boom!

The henchman opens the briefcase, and an exposition returns the surviving characters to the bullet train. Meanwhile, Lemon is in the high-speed train, crashing through a gate and accelerating down the track, while Ladybug and Lemon battle henchmen in the cockpit.

Lemon rescues Ladybug and is thrown out of the train while it travels over a bridge, and The Elder is saved by all things, the well-traveled water bottle featured throughout the film. While the bullet train goes completely out of control, Ladybug is only saved when he is hurled into the padded mascot costume that The Hornet previously used as a disguise.

After the train crash, here's what happened.

Ladybug, The Elder, and Kimura, alias The Father (Andrew Koji), are all alive and well in the aftermath of the crash, and somehow so is the White Death, who is also alive and armed with a pistol. Ladybug claims to be a carver, but the White Death pulls the trigger anyway and his head explodes due to The Prince's rigged pistol.

When It is revealed that The Prince is also alive and armed with a machine gun, another problem arises instantly, but she is then wiped off the map when she is clobbered by a tangerine truck.

Maria Beetle (Sandra Bullock) visits Ladybug in the wake of all this chaos, which appears to be a rare act of luck until a broken light pole crashes and crushes her vehicle. The two walk off together talking about smart toilets and philosophy.

Who Killed The Prince and What Happened To Lemon?

At this point in pop culture history, viewers are trained to stay through the last credits of comic book films like Thor: Love And Thunder anticipating a surprise extra scene, but it's not just blockbusters that use that fun little trick; Bullet Train is one of them. Moreover, the action film answers big questions left hanging when filmmakers and actors reappears on screen: who killed The Prince, and what happened to Lemon?

A chyron interrupts the film's last moments, revealing that the tape will be rolled back 10 minutes before the film's conclusion, specifically to the scene where Lemon sacrificed himself and was ejected from the titular vehicle. He is surprised and draws back to the road when he discovers the tangerine transport that he cannot help but associate to his deceased brother/partner. When he does, it's at the appropriate time to kill The Prince.

Does Ladybug Actually Suffer From Bad Luck?

Bullet Train is a film about luck as a present factor in life, both good and bad, and it features two conduits for the mysterious force: The Prince and Ladybug. The psychopathic daughter of the White Death is persistently struck with good fortune (an example being the ease with which she is able to open the briefcase and install the bomb), and the bucket-wearing killer never sees breaks that go his way (exemplified early when a suicidal bellboy falls on his car during a

Ladybug is certainly a cursed character, and the mere fact that he is on the train as a replacement for Carver is a step in the right direction, as is his horrific surprise encounter with The Wolf, and the fact that he ends up killing Tangerine rather than The Prince when faced with the choice.

Is it really bad luck when your personal misfortune benefits the lives of others around you? Thats the advice that The Elder tries to impart on Ladybug shortly before her clash with the White Death, and it's an interesting point in the film's context. After all, if Ladybug hadnt replaced Carver, the main villains' plan might have gone exactly as planned, and even the finest individuals among the elite killers would have died.

Ladybug landing in the train crash courtesy of her mascot costume is another example of fate's intent to slay Maria Beetles.