Woody And Jesse Gets A Heartwarming Moment Following Theme Park Discrimination Claims

Woody And Jesse Gets A Heartwarming Moment Following Theme Park Discrimination Claims ...

A wave of recent viral videos have shown what can be seen as a pattern of racial discrimination at some theme parks around the country. It makes the newest viral theme park video showing Disney Worlds Woody and Jesse from Toy Story more human.

The video from a recent TikTok video of a Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom parade shows a few Pixar characters waving at guests when the Cast Member dressed as Woody spots a little Black girl as Jesse. He initially refuses to touch Jesses, but then walks over and taps him on the shoulder. The Jesse Cast Member then runs over to give her a huge hug.

A lot of the comments on the video joke that Woody did everything he could to ensure Disney World did not make headlines the way that Philadelphias Sesame Place has made in recent weeks. And if we were being blunt, we cant be certain that the cast members were aware of that. At the end of the day, Woody did the work and made this kids day and thats what matters.

A video that appeared to show a costumed Sesame Place employee completelydenying a pair of Black girls the interaction they were looking for a little over two weeks ago exploded in national headlines for all the wrong reasons. Other videos that appeared to show other families dealing with similar behavior have emerged.

Both SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, which licenses the Sesame Street brand and manages the Sesame Place park, and Sesame Workshop, which owns the IP, have spoken out about the incident and promised additional training for employees to ensure that whatever happened here, whether it was actual bias or the appearance of it, will not happen again.

In the video, you can see this girl's face, but you can also see in the cast member's body language that theyre not just going through the motions; this is why they are so important. It can be difficult to make sure that every guest feels this way when they leave the park, but when we see people try to do it, it's important.