Grant Gustin, who plays the Flash character, offers a heartfelt message about the final season of the CW Series

Grant Gustin, who plays the Flash character, offers a heartfelt message about the final season of th ...

The final stretch of The Flashs' career on The CW is here. Earlier this week, Grant Gustin, who has led the charge on The Flash as Barry Allen, has revealed that the long-running DC Comics TV show would conclude next year with Season 9.

Grant Gustin, who had previously appeared on TV shows like Glee and 90210, took center stage in The Flash, and weve spent nearly a decade seeing the character and his friends protect the citizens of Central City on numerous occasions.

Maybe most of you have heard this news before, but some of you havent. This week, we announced that Season 9 of The Flash will be canceled, which is a disappointment. Its the only reason we have been able to finish the program on our terms for the rest of our lives and careers. I am going to enjoy every minute of it as much as I can. Thank you again for allowing us to continue to grow this program.

Grant Gustin was reported to have signed a new one-year deal to continue to star as the Scarlet Speedster in The Flash Season 8, which will only be 13 episodes long. He thanked the fans, saying the show would not have aired for as long as it did without them.

Candice Patton, who plays Iris West-Allen in the eighth season of The Flash, has been confirmed as returning in the final season, although the latter will reprise Joe West in a recurring role rather than as a main cast member.

Although The Flash Season 9 will not be released until early 2023, we do have some clues about what's in store. For one, there are references to Cecille's sudden disappearance from the CRC, an unseen character played by Danielle Panabaker, and a mysterious blue crystal being shown in 2049 in the comic book issue Earth-Prime: Heroes Twilight #6. Bloodwork will return in Season 9, although it's unclear how well seen of the Sendhil Ramamurthys