Edie McClurg, star of Ferris Bueller, is said to be the victim of an elder abuse scheme

Edie McClurg, star of Ferris Bueller, is said to be the victim of an elder abuse scheme ...

Edie McClurg, who plays Edie in Ferris Buellers Day Off, has been struggling with dementia, an illness that affects one's thinking, memory, and reasoning. Sadly, dementia can be easily exploited by the wrong people. The Missouri native has been reportedly the victim of an elderly abuse program.

In February of 2019, TMZ reported that the McClurg family had applied for conservatorship because of her ongoing dementia issues and that she was living with a "verbally abusive male companion" who tries to influence the administration of her estate by getting her to sign papers. However, TMZ has now revealed that the unemployed Ramos allegedly tried to move McClurg out of California while knowing she was unfit.

Ramos reportedly sexually assaulted Edie McClurg's caregiver, according to new medical records, but she was unable to detect the crime.

The conservatorship's lawyer requested that the courts remove Ramos from McClurgs' house, and she was granted a temporary restraining order. Ramos is not permitted to contact the American actress and must keep both her and her home at least 100 yards. Ramos has also been told to leave and not return. There will be a hearing next month to discuss further developments.

Keya Morgan, the business partner of comic book writer Stan Lee, was charged with elderly abuse through false imprisonment, fraud, and forgery in May 2019. Back in August 2018, Morgan was able to move Lee to an unknown location to protect him from friends and family, and embezzled his artwork. It's terrible when elderly celebrities face the cruel actions of others seeking to exploit their fortune or advantage them.

Edie McClurg may be well-known for her role as a calm, yet sarcastic school secretary on Ferris Buellers Day Off. She would also collaborate with director John Hughes on films such as She's Having a Baby and Curly Sue. She also voiced herself on an episode of Family Guy.