Nichelle Nichols Uhura and Mr. Spock Talk in a Deleted Scene

Nichelle Nichols Uhura and Mr. Spock Talk in a Deleted Scene ...

Fans and friends ofNichelle Nichols have shared their memories of her on the stage, television, or movie set since the day of her passing. This includes many of the actors of color who followed her on the stage, television, or movie set in the first week of August 2022.

Celia Rose Gooding of Twitter said she made room for so many people.Gooding portrays Uhuraon in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. She was a reminder that not only can we reach the stars, but our influence is vital to their survival.

Whoopi Goldberg, better known as Guinan from Star Trek: The Next Generation, shared those views. On the July 1, 2022 episode of The View, Goldberg remembered Nichols.

Nichols was a pioneer, a heroine, and an exceptional woman who impacted millions and millions of people but also me, according to Deadline.Nichelle was the first Black person I've ever seen who made it to the future.

Goldberg made me feel like this was an incredible accomplishment, and she encouraged other women to go into space, according to her. She was incredible, and I was fortunate enough to spend time with her over the years. She will be missed.

Remembering Nichelle Nichols

Zoe Saldana is another actor who was deeply grateful for Nichols' service to her. In a lengthy Instagram post, Saldana shared her thoughts on the legendary actress. For the J.J. Abrams Kelvin Trek films, Saldana also took center stage as Uhura.

Saldana writes that meeting Nichelle was a truly special moment in my life. Her energy was infectious every time I was in her presence. She convinced me that anything is possible if you put your heart into it.

Fans want to reconnect with the person they knew so well after their death, as did Prince in 2016 (and his album sales increased by 16,000%, according to CNN))

Deleted Scene of Uhura and Spock

Nichols Star Trek past video was shared by a fellow fan on her YouTube channel. In this deleted scene from the Season 3 episode of The Original Series, Nichols quizzes Spock (Leonard Nimoy) about playing the Vulcan lute. This musical instrument was used during the Charlie X, The Way To Eden, and Amok Time episodes.

The Enterprisesarboretum was only seen in two episodes of TOS. The scene has not been color-adjusted or special effects. According to Memory Alpha, the scene was one of just three that was filmed.

In a way, this interaction between Spock and Uhura seems to be almost flirtatious. These interactions were why the characters were lovers in the Kelvin movies that followed.

According to Roberto Orci, who co-wrote Star Trek (2009) with Alex Kurtzman, the original series had a little flirtation. In 2012, Orci spoke with IGN.

We thought that since we were harmonising on some of the things that were previously, what occurred in the original series? said Orci. The first interracial kiss was with Kirk (William Shatner). So we thought, what can we do that is different, but still pays homage to that? Spock!