Fortnite's five best shotguns

Fortnite's five best shotguns ...

In Fortnite, shotguns are an excellent weapon choice that can do incredible damage at short range, especially in situations in which players are forced close together. Fortunately, the closing of the eye of the storm towards the end of a battle royale match gives shotguns a very important use, with most rounds determined by your shotgun aim.

1.The Dub

The Dub, an exotic variation of the Double Barrel Shotgun, has some unique features that make it as effective a situational weapon as it is on paper. This knockback effect applies to both the user and the target when fired. However, the results may be decisive in close-range and late-game situations.

The Dub's knockback can send a player back into the storm, causing additional damage due to its incredible close-range damage output. It can also engulf targets off of tall structures and structures by crouching, keeping yourself safe while your opponents fall to their death.

This isnt to say that the self-applied knockback isnt a benefit of the weapon. Firing behind yourself with The Dub can propel you forward, while firing down can propel you upward with a super jump.

2.Pump Shotgun

Many consider the Pump Shotgun to be the old reliable go-to weapon when it comes to Fortnite Battle Royale's later stages. Damage from a point-blank shot from the Legendary variant can quickly clean up even the most heavily armored opponents in just two or three shots.

3.Two-Shot Shotgun

The Two-Shot Shotgun, semi-automatic in its firing style, while moderately resembling the Pump Shotgun in its damage output, delivers two of its loaded shells with a single click. In a perfect world where all pellets of both shots connect without the target falling out of the way, a double blast from the Two-Shot will damage 140 individuals.

This damage is more theoretical than realistic, as achieving 100% accuracy with both shots against an experienced player is much more difficult said than done. These minor flaws place the Pump Shotgun just slightly below its all-purpose consistency.

4.Prime Shotgun

The Prime Shotgun is a pump-action shotgun that does 50% more damage on the first shot of a magazine alone. Whereas a regular shot from the Prime would do between 75 and 95 damage at close range on average, an accurate first shot can do upwards of 110 damage.

The Prime Shotgun is quite effective in situations where first-shot accuracy is required. A massive, point-blank 140-damage meatshot to start a fight might confuse and intimidate your opponent, giving you free reign to play as aggressively as possible. In addition, a precise first shot from the Prime Shotgun could potentially be another Prime shot.

5.Heavy Shotgun

The Heavy Shotgun's effectiveness increases because to its headshot damage multiplier of 1.75, making it one of the few weapons in its class that rewards accuracy with quicker eliminations.

This is due to its primary use case, as shotguns are mostly used to sweep through close-range assaults with ease, an area in which the Heavy Shotguns need for accuracy struggles. Other weapon types, like rifles, are far more effective at dealing long-range damage.