Fortnite's top ten blue-colored skins

Fortnite's top ten blue-colored skins ...

The classic shooter clash between red and blue is still the way to go. Blue is a color of cool composure, although there are still some pretty fierce blue outfits in the Fortnite closet. Here are the ten best.


Isabelle was first introduced to the game as part of the Oakwitch Academy set. A few months later, her ice magic courses were completed. This is the closest to throwing icicle spells in Fortnite.

Blue Team Leader

Sometimes you just need to get back to basics, and thats what Blue Team Leader is. We just talked about shooters being a perpetual struggle of red vs blue, so why not have a signature look on one of those teams?

Captain America

Cap is technically red, white, and blue, but one of those colors is a lot more prominent than the others. We just had to include a superhero here too, since this is Americas ass skin.


Cluck the Easter egg is also on the yellow costume list, so why not show him some love as well? The pastel blue color scheme is stunning, and anyone who has chosen to interpret the term bunny suit in a double-meaning way deserves a mention.

End of the Line Set

The neon blue highlights on this set are great, echoing the Tron movies' looks, and there are a total of ten you can equip. As a bonus, there's a sweet Light Cycle glider that lets you fall to the ground in style.

Frigid Foregoer

Nothing says cool and composed like a wild west desperado in a ten-gallon hat. The Fortnite team decided to go further by making the Frigid Foregoer's skin look quite cool, with icicle accents across his hat and duster.

Human Bill

Bill is not teasing anyone, certainly not the most adorable of them. He may want to Sharpie on some nipples if he is attempting to act as a human.


Ninja owes a lot to Fortnite: the game that allowed him to gain traction and become the most well-known video game streaming company in the world. That success fed back into Fortnite, helping it become the phenomenon it is today.

Rippley vs Sludge

Rippley is ranked on the best meme skins in Fortnite. The ameboid design is both silly and slick, with the most gelatinous shade of blue on this list. The fact he's basically a living can of Slurp Juice is a nice touch.


At the end of Chapter 1, Fortnite changed forever as a black hole sucked into the whole island. This top-tier skin commemorates the event, displaying the black hole's blue energy over a cosmic, starry body.