In Apex Legends, there are 15 fantastic team compositions

In Apex Legends, there are 15 fantastic team compositions ...

Apex Legends has a ton of different squad combinations, and the number of seasons it seems to be expanding constantly. While there may not seem like that many characters to keep track of in comparison to games like Rainbow Six Siege or Overwatch, there are still a lot of different abilities that must be mastered in order to defeat opponents.

Apex is a fast-paced shooter on the surface, but it can be deceptively deep when it comes to the various ways characters can interact together to form some genuine team cohesion. A Legend that may not thrive too much on their own could be invaluable in a squad that knows how to utilize their abilities to their fullest potential.

Updated August 5, 2022 by Jerrad Wyche: Players are looking to consolidate victories and make significant improvements in ranked modes. In a game of three-player teams, the composition and synergy between chosen characters can make or break a team's success.

15 Wraith (or Valkyrie), Gibraltar, and Bloodhound

This unit is exceptional, not just due to Valkyrie's arguably OP status. These Legends have the ability to use them to circumvent, flank, and ambush adversaries quite effectively.

Bloodhound can be used to spot enemies quickly and quietly with her Dimensional Rift. Valkyrie can instead blindside targets by swooping in with Skyward Dive. Gibraltar can then round things out defensively by muscling his way into the zone.

14 Horizon, Pathfinder, & Wraith

The mobile Legend Horizon has proved to be a unique fun character, who can also complement a variety of different squads. One great combination, in particular, includes the similarly agile Pathfinder and Wraith.

Wraith is capable of covering more of the ground game while remaining fairly tough targets to hit themselves.

13 Bangalore, Caustic, & Bloodhound

Caustic creates smoke that hinders enemies' vision, causes damage to their health despite their shield condition, and slows them down when inside. Bangalore has her own smoke capabilities that create a veritable blanket of smoke that no one can see through.

When paired with a Bloodhound, these two characters can be quite useful. His Active ability will show off enemies for the whole team, while his Ultimate ability will glow the enemy in the smoky conditions.

12 Octane, Pathfinder, & Wraith (or Mirage)

Each of these characters excels in this area in their own way, keeping enemies on their toes.

Octane's jump pads allow the team to advance quickly into new positions. Pathfinder's grapple line allows him to close the gap between himself and others with ridiculous speed and allows him to get vertical sight-lines the enemy isn't going to want. Wraith can manipulate her team to a more advantageous position because of his natural ability to go intangible.

11 Bangalore, Caustic, & Gibraltar

This team is exceptional at cutting off view lines and putting opponents where the player wants them to go. With Gibraltar in the mix, players can toss a gas canister into a Gibraltar shield, ensuring no enemy will push them out of the bubble.

Both Gibraltar and Bangalore have Ultimate abilities that can completely shut off an area for enemy attacks, only allowing them to cover themselves if they can get a roof over their heads. Force enemies into a building then toss Caustic's Ultimate in to choke the enemies trapped in the building.

10 Caustic (or Wattson), Gibraltar, and Lifeline

Gibraltar can keep the entire team safe when necessary, and Caustic can dissuade opponents from spitting into it with his gas canisters (the same can be accomplished with Wattson and her fences).

When the team was in danger, Lifeline can take care of any injuries. Everyone should be back in good health by the time Gibraltar's shield goes down. This is also a great survival team that can occupie and hold onto a zone pretty effectively.

9 Caustic, Pathfinder, & Wattson

This squad is all about putting enemies into a trap. Ego enemies may use Pathfinder's grapple lines, and oftentimes, enemies will use them quite frequently.

Use a Pathfinder grapple to get the group onto a wall near the airbase. Then trap the end of the grapple with Caustic's gas and Wattson's fences. Any enemy who is unfortunate enough to travel the length of the grapple will have a tough time surviving the landing, ensuring enemy teams have a difficult time pushing players out of their vertical advantage.

8 Caustic, Wattson, & Wraith

This works similarly to the previous squad, except that this time, Wraith's portals will be doing the trapping. The advantage to this is that enemies often have no way of knowing what the other end of the portal looks like, so they're much more likely to fall into this trap.

Although enemies may be tempted to return through the portal, it does work to dissuade them from doing so. This allows the team some time to work out the next steps.

7 Caustic, Lifeline, & Wattson

When able to stay in a structure and wait out a circle, this squad works best. Both Caustic and Wattson can make a building a real pit for enemies to confront, and most will end up staying outside rather than pushing in.

Players can easily remain in the building for long enough, provided the shifting circle permits it. With Lifeline inside, her D.O.C. drone, and Wattson's Ultimate, which destroys incoming grenades, and recharging shields, players can easily remain in the building for long.

6 Bangalore, Gibraltar, & Lifeline

This is one of those excellent, all-around compositions that are great for beginners in particular. Besides Bangalore and Gibraltar both having Ultimates that can severely limit an enemy's ability to enter an area, there's no real synergy to work with here.

With Lifeline's revives and healing, Gibraltar's defensive tenacity, and Bangalore's offensive prowess, one's bases are largely covered here. All of these legends are solid, and they can make a tough, ready-for-anything team.

5 Bloodhound, Mirage, and Pathfinder (or Wraith)

This squad is all about understanding the facts. One's own team has to make better judgments, and each of these characters exploits information in a different manner. With so much information at the disposal, making an informed decision becomes easier.

Bloodhound's scans reveal enemies near him, his Ultimate reveal enemies in his field of view, and Mirage's decoys reveal enemies that are foolish enough to shoot them. Pathfinder has the ability to spot the next ring location, enabling the squad to spot a good position before the enemies. Wraith is capable of warning her team whenever an enemy aims at her.

4 Bloodhound, Wattson (or Caustic), and Lifeline

This squad focuses on controlling urban environments. It resembles the team that included both Wattson and Caustic, but this time, the players will have more intelligence at their disposal with a Bloodhound.

His scans should be able to warn his coworkers of any nearby enemies. When the party is in an urban environment like Slum Lakes or Skull Town, opponents will be in a wide range of range. Wattson or Caustic should be able to dissuade enemies from having a good push, and the team should be able to maintain control over the area.

3 Revenant, Octane, Bloodhound

Octane is the fastest moving character in Apex Legends, and that movement in a first-person shooter provides a naturally competitive advantage. Add in a Bloodhound who is constantly on the lookout for opponents, and that alone provides an aggressive team combo that works.

2 Gibraltar, Fuse, Loba

Unorthodox team compositions may seem like something only experienced players should be attempting, but sometimes they can truly surprise others. Fuse and Loba have their strengths and provide valuable tools for their entire team, and Loba offers so many items that can be used when loot is dry.

Gibraltar's value is evident in working through the best Apex team combinations, as he ends up on many of the teams. The key to this combination is finding someone who enjoys playing as Fuse and is proficient with his abilities, since they aren't as user-friendly as other legends.

1 Bloodhound, Octane, Gibraltar

On paper, the notion of combining speed, tracking, and protection may sound impossible, but it's nonetheless feasible in Apex Legends. Regarding one of the current greatest Apex team combinations, the combination of Bloodhound, Octane, and Gibraltar is a powerful ensemble.

The first two are exceptional at gathering data and allowing a team to position themselves in a manner to create a clear advantage in any given situation. Add in that Gibraltar has that zone control while also protecting his team in areas with little built-in cover and this team comp is as clear as day.

Apex Legends is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS.