Koch Media Rebrands to Plaion

Koch Media Rebrands to Plaion ...

Koch Media has made a name for itself as a software distributor since its formation in 1994. Even someone who has never heard of the German-Austrian company is probably aware of its subsidiaries, which include Publisher Deep Silver and Saints Row developer Volition.

Koch Media has changed its name to Plaion, unveiling a new logo on Thursday. In a recent interview, managing director Klemens Kundratitz explained the change.

Kundratitz explained how the revamping began as merely updating Koch Medias' look. However, company leaders decided to go further and do a complete rebranding. He also stressed how Plaion wants to demonstrate that it is a modern international corporation.

Part of this process is rebranding Koch Media as a central European company rather than a global one, according to Kundratitz. Plaion is pronounced play on, which is easier for non-German speakers and certainly appropriate for a gaming and film company. It also features a stylized io resembling a 1 and 0.

Plaions is still a games business, despite the film and television connotations of its logo. The rebranding of the company is merely continuing a process that began when THQ Nordic acquired Koch Media in 2018. It also reflects Plaions' desire to expand and diversify its role in the entertainment industry.

Plaion's rebranding has been scheduled for the 24th of August in Cologne, Germany. The company hopes to establish the Plaion brand in the international public.

The actor concluded the interview by recognizing the similarities between Koch becoming Plaion and Facebooks rebranding as Meta. The main difference is that while Meta rebranded to emphasize its devotion to the Metaverse's future, Plaions' new name emphasizes how far the businesses have already come.