Everyone Makes 7 Mistakes While Playing Digimon Survive

Everyone Makes 7 Mistakes While Playing Digimon Survive ...

Digimon Survive is a game from the Digimon franchise that combines visual novel elements with tactical role-playing games to give players a unique experience that few players have ever experienced before.

There are some players who have no clue what they are doing and thus make quite a few missteps along the way of game play. There are a few things that players should know, such as common mistakes that they might encounter while playing Digimon Survive and why they are not a good idea.

7 Wrong Positioning

When it comes to turn based battling in the game, the positioning of a player's Digimon is vital. Such as which Digimon takes more damage, etc.

Players will often place their Digimon in whatever position they desire - such as putting a Digimon with less health at the frontline - and wonder why they are struggling. It's amazing how simple reorganization of who goes where can make a difference in a player's battles.

6 Making Choices Without Thinking

In Digimon Survive, a player will have to make many choices. This includes, but is not limited to, which teams to take into what battles, or which Digimon to build up. There will also be many choices in dialogue, which can affect game play.

The visual novel aspect of Digimon Survive might be a bit lighter for newcomers, depending on which moves they make. One of their favorite Digimon might be killed, forced into a lesser digivolution, or worse.

5 Forgetting to Use Free Battles

There are many Free Battles within the game, as the name implies. Many players may not realize that these Free Battles are one of the best ways for a player to recruit new Digimon.

A player might not realize that they are unable to just survive. They will have to talk to the new Digimon; depending on what they say, the Digimon may either leave them or be recruited onto their team.

4 Misusing the Mature Enlightenment Slabs

When it comes to their Digimon, there is something that every player must know - it is a free pass to digivolving one selected Digimon into the Champion form. This is something that is permanent; a player must select carefully who to digivolve.

The majority of players who get a Mature Enlightenment Slab will spend the first one on a useless Digimon that will be put on the backburner in the late game. It is advised for a player to take some time to figure out which Digimon would perform best if they were digivolved.

3 Splitting the Party Apart

Due to the turn-based, grid-like map, it is easy for a player to end up splitting their part of Digimon apart and forcing everyone to go in different directions. This is by far the worst approach to the team's success.

This is because, once the party is split up, it will be much easier for Digimon to be picked apart, as well as it being much harder for a player to survive a battle.

2 Forgetting a Healer

In their team, players must have a Digimon dedicated solely to healing. Many players think they can get by without a healer, but that is not the case - the enemies will be dealing significant damage, and any amount of survivability is required.

A player should usually have at least one healer in the team and at least one Digimon with high damage levels. This makes it easier to burst down the enemies while ensuring the player remains alive till the end.

1 Wasting Stat Boosts

As they go through the game and prepare for battle, a player may temporarily boost their Digimon's stats. A player may do this by talking to their Digimon, which will give them a boost.

Many players waste these stat boosts on a useless turn due to the fact that they are temporary. As such, a player must wait till they are ready to unleash their most powerful attack (and be battling a particularly tough enemy, or a boss fight) before using these benefits fully.

Digimon Survive is now available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.