So Far, Here Are 6 Things to Know About 'Halloween Ends'

So Far, Here Are 6 Things to Know About 'Halloween Ends' ...

The 1978 Halloween film by John Carpenter has evolved into a spooky time classic, with seven sequels, a 2007 remake by Rob Zombie, and a 2018 reboot, which has now become a trilogy.

Halloween Ends is said to be the last film in the continuation trilogy after 2018's Halloween and its sequel Halloween Kills, despite not picking up directly where the previous film left off. There's plenty that fans of the Michael Myers saga need to know about the upcoming slasher.

The Plot

Michael Myers shot and killed four people, including an adult Tommy Doyle. Laurie's daughter Karen, who believed Michael was murdered, begins exploring the dark, empty Myers house, only to encounter a run-in with Michael, who is presumably killing her.

Halloween Ends will feature not only a time jump, but also some real-life events, according to the film's synopsis.

Returning Characters

These Halloween sequels have been brimming with familiar faces in new and significant roles, as well as some new ones. Jamie Lee Curtis is set to reprise her beloved role as Laurie Strode while also being pegged as an executive producer for the film.

Kyle Richards, who played Lindsey Wallace in the 1978 film Halloween Returns, has returned to the franchise as Lindsey in Halloween Returns, as well as Nick Castle, who played Michael Myers in the 1978 film and its 2021 sequel, who is set to reprise the role again in this final installment.

'Halloween Ends' Vs.'Halloween III'

The Halloween sequel to Halloween III: Season of the Witch was released the first time, and it wasn't exactly the sequel fans anticipated. With no glimpse of the franchise's star Michael Myers, the 1982 film follows a doctor and his friend as they uncover a terrible mass-murder plot that will kill millions of children on Halloween.

The third film in the sequel to Halloween Kills, which included an Easter egg of the three famous cursed masks from Halloween III - the green witch, the skull, and the jack-o-lantern - will be different from the first. Michael Myers and Laurie Strode will star as they battle their final battle, with no mention of witchcraft this time.

The Famous Composition

John Carpenter is a household name in the world of horror film music, composing themes for films such as Christine, The Fog, and most recently, the Halloween franchise. He contributed his vocal talents to the first three films in the saga, before returning to the franchise for its 2018 run.

Carpenter is returning to Halloween Ends as the composer of the film, just like he did for the first two.

The Trailer Calls Back To 1978's 'Halloween'

The new Halloween picture was released in 2018 and wiped out the canonicity of every previous film and reintroduced decades after the 1978 film. However, the film trilogy was certain to return to its roots with the return of Laurie Strode, that iconic John Carpenter composition, and a series of flashbacks.

The trailer for Halloween Ends is not different from the previous film. In just a minute, the trailer follows a person waking through the Myers house and up to Judith's bedroom, similar to 1978's Halloween. It then bounces back and forth between scenes from the new film and footage from previous films of Laurie and Michael battling it out before ending with present-day Laurie stabbing Michael, much like she has done several times before.

Release Date

The original Halloween, released on October 25, 1978, was released into cinemas, becoming one of the most successful independent films of all time. Exactly 40 years later, the continuation of Halloween premiered on October 19, 2018, grossing $255 million worldwide, becoming the highest-grossing slasher film in unadjusted dollars.

Halloween Ends is expected to be released on October 14, 2022, just one day after Halloween Kills was released in 2021. However, it is unknown whether or not the film will be released both in theaters and on the streaming service.