Amber Portwood loses custody in Gary Shirleys IG post

Amber Portwood loses custody in Gary Shirleys IG post ...

Gary Shirley, a Teen Mom OG alum, posted his first social media post since his ex-girlfriend Amber Portwood lost custody of her youngest child, 4-year-old James, who she shares with her ex-fiance Andrew Glennon.

Shirley and Portwood have their own child, Leah, who is 13 years old.

Shirley did not reply to the court's decision, which awarded Glennon sole legal custody of James. That means Glennon may move to California with James, away from Indiana where Leah and Shirley reside.

Shirley defended Portwood at the custody hearing, claiming that she has become a better mother. I notice more positive things. I am very proud of her. According to The Sun, she has a huge responsibility.

This time, the MTV star did not speak out.

Shirley unveiled his farm stand in Pendleton, Indiana, which he is selling produce for $2 a pop. Shirley grew the onions, zucchini, yellow squash, and eggplant himself, but he outsourced the tomatoes.

We're finally getting a baby. (TOMATOES NOT GROWN BY ME). These are the most expensive I've ever purchased, according to a tweet on August 4. I may not make money on them due to the price paid.

Shirley continued. Worst case Ill can these suckers haha. I dont care. But if youve been waiting for these perfect maters. This is the time for you. @kristina_shirley3.

Shirley shared a photo of some peppers he picked the following day.

Picked fresh and now my eyes are on fire. (Peppers) however, going to the stand with some fresh stuff, he wrote. I love my big jalapeno peppers and the banana peppers, tbh. What would you make with these?

Portwood was devastated by the courts' verdict.

Gary Shirley's tweet (@itsgarytime) has been shared.

Portwood said in an official statement that she is both devastated and heartbroken by the judges' decision.

Portwood wrote on July 28 that she has always sought to improve myself and my relationships with my children. As a person, one should have the opportunity to redeem themselves and not be tied to his problems from the past.

People who have pursued therapy, attended classes, and made efforts to change should not continue to be punished for past mistakes, according to the author. I have spent years rebuilding my bridges, including taking everything that was required of me, including taking 21 negative drug tests and numerous psychological evaluations.

Glennon and Portwood have been battling for James' custody for three years. Police allege Portwood wielded a machete while Glennon was holding James, who was 1 at the time. Portwood continues to refute the allegations, though she has pleaded guilty to two felonies of domestic assault and intimidation.

The Sun reported that she was released from probation in April 2022.

Why the Judge Ruled Against Portwood

Amber Leann Portwood's tweet (@realamberlportwood1__)

Glennon was granted sole custody after Portwood canceled her visits with James and because of what she disclosed in her memoir, So, Youre Crazy Too?

According to The Sun, her fear is that she will never have overnight parenting time with her son, that she finds herself canceling on her son more often than she would like, and that she may get off probation sooner because she will be unwatched and unchecked.

Portwood said she has five mental illnesses, with a primary diagnosis of bipolar and borderline personality disorder.