The 8 Darkest Anime Girls, Ranked

The 8 Darkest Anime Girls, Ranked ...

Although some of the most popular anime characters are funny and inspirational, evil and dark anime characters are equally as loved as the heroes of the show. Some of the bravest female anime characters had epic battles and even tragic deaths because of these diabolical and fatal maniacs.

These imaginatively dark anime girls have aided the world's smartest female characters in meeting difficult situations that they became famous for. Anime viewers may find all kinds of dark and twisted characters in a wide variety of programs who simply create suffering and destruction wherever they go.

8 Kasane - Durarara!!

Kasane is one of the most powerful and enigmatic characters in Durarara!!. She's a skilled fighter who can use her incredible sword fighting abilities to defeat anyone. No one knows that she's a calculating and cold-hearted villain due to her quiet demeanor.

Durarara!! has some really remarkable and powerful characters who have exceptional abilities, and it's one of the few shows that has characters who can manipulate darkness. It's set in a dark fictional area in Tokyo, where all kinds of dangerous creatures roam the streets alongside humans.

7 Yuno Gasai - Future Diary

Yuno Gasai is one of the most demented anime girls and is one of the most popular yandere girls in anime. While she may appear like a lovely young girl, she's actually a brutal murderer who'd do anything to ensure that she and Yukiteru survive the deadly game.

Future Diary is one of the scariest anime like Squid Game, with tons of violence and surprising deaths. It's about a group of young kids who all receive a Future Diary they can use to survive the evil God of Time and Space's cruel game.

6 Esdeath - Akame Ga Kill

Esdeath is one of the most powerful dark anime girls who enjoyed causing pain and suffering. She especially despised the weak and because of her sadistic personality she didn't only cause physical harm but also used others to cause great emotional agony.

Tatsumi leaves his safe village in hope of getting a job and making good money. Eventually, he decides to join a group of assassins called Night Riad to fight the corrupt Empire that oppresses its weaker residents.

5 Himiko - My Hero Academia

Himiko is My Hero Academia's cutest and darkest character who wants to be as menacing and murderous as The Hero Killer. She's also one of the strongest members of The League of Villains, but Himiko is a gifted fighter.

My Hero Academia is a highly motivating anime series that is still not without dark and tragic moments. The story follows Deku as he discovers a very special trait and embarks on a difficult and often painful journey to becoming a true hero.

4 Rize Kamishiro - Tokyo Ghoul

Rize Kamishiro is the terrifying binge eater in the Tokyo Ghoul series. She appears to be a harmless and shy young lady, but she's actually a bloodthirsty monster who can't stop eating humans. She not only murders her victims, but she also torturing them.

Only a handful of dark anime like Tokyo Ghouland that have such a large number of creepy and dangerous creatures as this famous show. Ken is a youngster who is attacked by Rize but because of a tragic accident, ends up becoming a half-ghoul.

3 Miyo Takano - Higurashi When They Cry

Miyo Takano is one of the most demented anime girls who were able to hide her true identity from other characters but also from the fans of the show. She is obsessed with immortalizing herself and her grandfather's work, and she loves manipulating people as guinea pigs without paying attention to how much suffering and suffering she causes.

Higurashi When They Cry is one of the most heartbreaking and terrifying anime series with mature themes and surprising comedy elements. It's about a young group of friends who live in a fictional Japanese village that is haunted by mysterious curses.

2 Lucy - Elfen Lied

Lucy is the sweetest and most dangerous dark anime girl in one person because of her split personality disorder. Lucy is normally a kind and gentle youngster, but her other personality is a brutal and cruel killing machine.

Elfen Lied is a stunning but violent anime about two students who discover Lucy, a seemingly harmless woman who's been traced to a serial murderer on the run. The anime takes place in a world where a mutant race, called the Diclonii, wants to devour all humans and overthrow the world.

1 Junko Enoshima - Danganronpa

Junko Enoshima's cruelty is unmatched. She finds great pleasure in causing suffering and pain to everyone she can. Her extremely toxic personality and intelligence make her a dangerous character. She expresses no remorse and is solely motivated by the pleasure she receives from seeing others in emotional and physical suffering.

Danganronpa is a creepy program that features a slew of tragic deaths, following six students who are locked inside their school and are forced to kill each other. However, they will also have to go through a trial before being found guilty.