Jodie Sweetins Wedding Was Right By My Side, Bob Sagets Widow

Jodie Sweetins Wedding Was Right By My Side, Bob Sagets Widow ...

Jodie Sweetin, a Hallmark and Fuller House star, announced her engagement to her long-time boyfriend Mescal Wasilewski, who included a star-studded guest list. One particular important guest was Bob Saget's widow, who also shared sweet messages with Sweetin on Instagram.

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Rizzo loved being included in Sweetins Big Day.

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Rizzo was one of many people to comment on Sweetin's Instagram page after the wedding. Not only did she commend her much-beloved husband, but she also referred to her beloved husband.

Rizzo wrote, "You are the sweetest!" That's how wonderful it was to be there and remember you. Saget was evidently watching over his daughter on her big day.

Sweetin & Saget Had Been Close

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Saget's death shocked fans and former co-stars alike in January. Sweetin, as well as all of her Full House co-stars, shared a touching tribute to Saget at the time on her Instagram page.

Sweetin wrote in her tribute post that she never regretted using words to express what she was feeling today. She said, we never missed a chance to express who he was, and he usually had to say the last word, I love you more. She also talked about the weekends she spent at Sagets house with his daughters when she was young.

Saget said he was proud of her and Sweetin noted that he was a wonderful human being and so genuine. She joked she would make an inappropriate joke at your funeral. In your honor. I know you would have desired that. He also wrote that he should have been there longer and used the famous How Rude phrase that her character Stephanie Tanner used many times.

Sweetin told Today that Rizzo, Sagets three daughters, and many of the Full House actors spent a lot of time together. He knew he was loved, but I don't think he had any idea that he was so loved by so many people at Sweetins wedding, and Rizzo's presence seemed likely to be a big comfort on this day of celebration.