Mike Wolfe keeps getting chastised for what's going on with American pickers, but he's stayed above the fray

Mike Wolfe keeps getting chastised for what's going on with American pickers, but he's stayed above  ...

American Pickers is currently airing new History episodes as part of its summer TV schedule, but not every former fan is on board with the new episodes. This mostly has to do with the History series previously firing Frank Fritz and replacing him with Mike's brother Robbie Wolfe. The change has gotten the attention of the public for months, until recently when Wolfe announced that Fritz was suffering from a stroke.

Mike Wolfe has been busy posting positive comments on Twitter and other social media, often about personal life events. However, one of these recent posts highlights some examples of the fans still being displeased with Frank's absence and the inclusion of Robbie on the show. While the post itself was about negotiating for an "A.P. Simms Fine Whiskey jug," another example of the reality star's reaction can be seen below.

Robbie needs to stay behind the camera. Never on air!! Just not qualified for that position, regardless of whether or not he is Mike's brother! August 2, 2022

The Frank Fritz stuff has been posted on social media for the first time, and it is unlikely to be the last. Some fans seem to be recognizing that American Pickers needs Frank and have been vocal about it. However, there seems to be still some unrest over Frank and Mike's splitting up. TV ratings are apparently declining across the board as people continue to change their television viewing habits.

Mike receives some good remarks on the post. There are also a few more pro-Frank comments that are a little more polite than the one above, including one that praises Robbie for his participation on the program over the previous couple of seasons.

Your bro is lovely, but the show will be different without Frank. Im hoping he recovers and you all can reconcile your differences. July 30, 2022

Mike Wolfe has been attempting to stay out of the fray for a long time. He's shared a lot of Pickers-related posts recently, and went viral earlier this year after revealing a special project with motorcycle lover Jason Momoa. Perhaps the most fascinating social addition he's made is sharing about his other road trippin' partner, not Robbie.

Francie, his dog, made another stunning appearance as his pal on the road just the other day. Look at that face!

For a couple of reasons, interest in the series has likely increased in recent weeks. Mike dropped the news about Frank's hospitalization, and Wolfe's rep later had to reply with a statement about "allowing him time to heal" after fans shared their thoughts about how things went down. Secondly, American Pickers started broadcasting new episodes again on Saturdays, reminding people that Frank is no longer Frank and Robbie is the newcomer.

The good news is that following all of this brouhaha, History may have canceled the series, but those who like watching the picking may still find new episodes -- and reruns with Frank to boot -- on the History channel. In the meantime, we'll keep you updated if Frank's camp ever disagrees with anything.