Facebook is developing a system that will allow users to scan their clothes into the Metaverse

Facebook is developing a system that will allow users to scan their clothes into the Metaverse ...

Facebook, aka Meta, has made a lot of huge claims about its plans for the Metaverse, a virtual world where people can meet, play, and work. However, a recent patent filed by the company might include one of its intentions for Metaverse users.

Players in virtual reality games like VRChat are already interested in making custom avatars, changing their outfits, and other ways to express themselves. While some may prefer to pretend as a digital avatar that doesn't look like them, this new patent aims to introduce a bit of the real world into the Metaverse.

The Facebook patent was filed in late July, and it lays forth plans to develop a system that will allow users to upload their own clothing to the Metaverse. This information is then captured and transformed into a three-dimensional mesh based on the clothes and another on the body beneath it.

A mesh is the main element that binds a model's underlying structure, such as normal maps, and may be further refined with the implementation of certain texture maps, like the patent reveals. It may even suggest that the clothing may even respond to the user's movements, with the boundary serving to prevent the garment from sticking through the body and breaking immersion.

It's an interesting possibility, although it remains to be seen how well it works in execution, or if it ever happens. As time progresses, this tends to change. The possibility of uploading an actual outfit that someone owns in real life might appeal to some, though the likelihood of an average user going to the Metaverse to converse with strangers looking exactly like themselves seems slim.

The Metaverse has also been marketed as a remote communication platform, as well as the ability to connect with local friends and relatives who are far away. Many would certainly appreciate and appreciate such an opportunity.

The Metaverse has already had some controversy with users complaining about it, and when it will really be fully utilized, it's still unclear when Meta's virtual reality division will be fully utilized. However, there is still work to be done on improving technologies that will make the Metaverse more inviting and useful for a wide variety of users.