Sony Should Include 7 Improvements In The Next PS5 Updates

Sony Should Include 7 Improvements In The Next PS5 Updates ...

Many Sony followers praised the PlayStation 5's next-gen capabilities after it was released in November 2020. These included features such as haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, which gave players a brand-new experience.

Fans continue to provide their own opinions and suggestions on what is required in order to utilize the console to its full potential.

8 Themes And Interactivity On Home Screen

Themes and custom backgrounds have not been an option for owners to use since the console's introduction, but only the backgrounds of games selected on display. Given the previous two generations of PlayStation 3, and 4, fans would have expected them to be a requirement.

Themes also came in sections with their own menu sound effects and music, but as things stand, the default setting remains. Sony has yet to make any comments regarding why this function is no longer available, but PS5 owners will continue to seek out any future modifications regarding custom features.

7 Discord Streaming Feature

Fans of Sony's recent announcement that Discord will be integrated to the PS5 will be aware of the potential of the company's streaming services available on its servers. Features such as Discord Nitro allow users to stream at a video quality of 1080p up to 60 frames per second, similar to what the PS5 is capable of when streaming on platforms such as YouTube.

This service will allow players to connect with others who may not own the console, or even branch out into different servers according to their tastes. If Sony is able to achieve this particular service within their agreement with Discord, it will certainly give fans another advantage in using the console.

6 Quick Resume

Quick resume is a game that allows gamers to do exactly that when it comes to features such as fast loading times and allowing players to start right where they left off. Unfortunately for PlayStation owners, this is only available on Microsoft's next-gen consoles Xbox Series X and S.

Many enthusiasts will appreciate how helpful this is as it provides flexibility and the assurance that applications will be available without the fear of losing progress. This is a very feasible feature for Sony to include in future updates, given how powerful the console is.

5 Make First Time Boot Up Permanent

During the console's first launch for new owners, a special animation would appear for a few seconds before prompting the player to plug in their controller. Fans will be familiar with the iconic PS1, PS2, and PS3 boot-up animations.

Retaining this feature or at the very least giving owners the option to toggle on or off on the matter would be beneficial, while giving the current generation of the PlayStation a historical feature.

4 Ability To Play Music Over Any Game

The PS5 prevents players from using Spotify or the media player in certain games. Fans who may have completed the games as such but prefer to have something play while they do so may find this frustrating.

Whether it is the developers or Sony themselves, a change would be required in this case, giving owners the freedom to choose and obtaining another aspect of accessibility.

3 Dedicated Internet Browsing Application

The new console is currently free of the option to browse the internet using a designated application, unlike the PS4. The user must go through the user guide in order for the default browser to appear for web surfing.

Despite this, Sony continues to provide a difficult way for owners to get internet access, especially when they are unfamiliar with the steps needed to access the browser. This goes to demonstrate that the company intends to include an application as a component in a future update, allowing users to browse the internet as they please.


1 Improve Voice Commands

Sony must continually improve the voice command feature, considering the fact that it is still in its initial stage of development. From the language to more familiar commands from the user, this tool will require a complete overhaul to provide the finest and most accessible voice command feature.

This will not only assist existing owners who may need to rely on such features, but it will encourage those who have not yet purchased the console to do so, as it will meet their requirements if required.